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Young calf has the most adorable milk moustache ever

Joe is a happy little calf who lives on a beautiful farm in Ontario, Canada. It's a magical place where the cows wander freely over vast expanses of lush, green meadow. They graze happily in the fresh air and lounge in the ponds on hot days. They can soak up the sunshine or find shade under the trees on the edge of the forest, as they choose. Joe has everything he needs, including an endless supply of warm milk to fill his belly. He follows his mother around the pasture and nurses whenever he wishes. After a satisfying breakfast, Joe had the foamy remains all over his little face. It was the most adorable milk moustache and beard ever. Joe has very few cares in the world. He plays with the other calves in the meadow and he explores his surroundings as his mother grazes and keeps an eye on him. Joe lives on what is referred to as an ethical beef farm. The cows live outside, except in the harshest winter months. They have lots of room, the companionship of the herd, and all efforts are made to give them a stress free life. There is even a bull named Gus, who watches over them protectively and does his job in a natural way. It's life as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle souls. Joe is only a few weeks old and he is just starting to nibble at the grass, but he will rely on his mother for a few more months before he starts to graze like she does. Until then, his life is about as care-free as it can be.



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