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Indonesian children's torch parade welcomes the holy month of Ramadan

Hundreds of residents of Palu City in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, held a torch-lit parade on Sunday (11 April) ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Even though it was held in the midst of the pandemic, the parade still went ahead. This activity is routinely carried out by residents in the city of Palu a day before Ramadan, which starts on 12 April this year. The parade, which is mostly by children, took a route around the main streets of the city. Children who participated in the compact torch parade wore Muslim clothing and carried a torch of bamboo containing cloth and kerosene wicks. The participants also brought tambourines, which they played while singing Islamic songs. One of the parade participants, Andi Rahmat, said: "This is an annual routine activity. Even though this year is still a corona virus pandemic, we are still implementing it with hundreds of participants.” According to Rahmat, the pandemic has not discouraged children from holding a torch parade to welcome this year's fast. "This is the second year of the pandemic. Last year it was not held. This year we held it because of the spirit of the children and we hope everything is fine," he said. One of the participants in the torch parade, Bentar, said that he was very happy to participate in this year's torch parade. "I'm happy because I can join the torch parade again. I am used to participate, only last year I did not participate, "he said.
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