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What the?! Lorry driver witnesses daily danger and serial stupidity on Britain's roads

A British lorry driver and his dashcam are regular witnesses to startling stupidity on the roads of Britain. In one incident, the driver's dashcam filmed a small Ford Transit van towing a much, much bigger truck down the A12 in Essex on 14 May 2019. The extraordinary scene was also surely dangerous, as the towed truck would struggle to stop in time to avoid smashing into the Transit van if it had to do so suddenly, though it was impressive the van was capable of pulling it at all. The filmer said: "Not filmed in South American or Africa, but on the A12 in Essex, England!" In another clip, filmed on 21 November 2019, a reckless Ford Galaxy driver pulls out straight in front of his heavy truck in Islip, Northamptonshire. It was only thanks to the truck driver's quick braking that things did not end very badly for the small car. The driver-filmer said: "The driver didn't even attempt to look, and was then surprised to see a massive yellow truck."



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