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Katie Price can walk again after ankle injury

Bang Showbiz logo Bang Showbiz 18/11/2020 Bang Showbiz
Katie Price with pink hair taking a selfie © Bang Showbiz Katie Price

Katie Price is "fully healed" from her ankle injury.

The 42-year-old star injured both of her ankles during a freak holiday accent but she has now got the "all clear" to walk again and feels blessed she can do so after just five months.

Giving an update to The Sun newspaper, she said: "I've got the all clear to walk, I still wear my boots and I can wear trainers - I'm having physiotherapy now three times a week and it feels amazing to have that freedom back. It's still a long way to go but at least I am back on my feet ... I had my final scan on Thursday, I'm fully healed! The only reason it hurts is because I've got metal plates and 16 screws in both feet, eight in each. All the ligaments need to get stronger but it's amazing to be on my feet and they are fully healed. I was shocked as that's the first time I've ever seen my feet from underneath and I didn't realise I had that many screws in them."

And Katie quipped she was like "Wonder Woman" because she has healed so quickly.

She added: "Anyone saying I was lying about having major surgery, you can see for yourself. I've had major surgery but I'm like Wonder Woman healing so quickly, it's just not known. They said it would be 18 months before I could walk, doctors can't believe how well I've healed. They said it's really unique how it's all happened, and that I heal so well ... It's only been five months and this is something that should have taken 18 months, so basically I'm Super Woman."


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