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Will Katie Price's whirlwind marriage cure her Peter Andre obsession?

Heatworld 27/10/2020

After already discussing marriage and babies, despite being together for just four months, Jordan and toyboy Carl Woods’ whirlwind romance has been getting more serious by the day.

The former glamour model – real name Katie Price – was pictured at an airport on the way to the Maldives last week with a suitcase labelled “Katie Woods”, after revealing, “I’ll change my name from Katie Price to Katie Woods – I’ve never done that before!”

Just last week, Jordan – who is currently wheelchair-bound after breaking both her feet on a previous holiday – also posted a picture of the couple in bed on Instagram, writing, “I love how my @carljwoods is amazingly loving, affectionate everywhere we go, how protective, controlling, understanding, loyal, so kind, so generous he is! NOBODY HAS EVER MADE ME FEEL LIKE THIS ! #forever #babies #marriage #onlyhaseyesforme #onlyhaveeyesforhim #nobodywillgetinourway”.

graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message: Katie and Carl together on Instagram © Credits: Instagram / katieprice Katie and Carl together on Instagram

And as Closer went to press, friends admitted they wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan, 44 – who married third husband Kieran Hayler after just six weeks together – would tie the knot during her holiday with Carl, 31. A source says, “Katie’s made it clear she sees a long-term future with Carl, so her pals think a quickie wedding on the beach wouldn’t be out of the question.”

The couple – who’ve been dating since July – already have matching tattoos of each other’s faces on their arms, and have set up a YouTube channel called The Adventures Of Katie And Carl. On their show last week, Jordan also revealed, “We do want a baby and we’re not being careful” before taking a pregnancy test that turned out to be negative, much to Carl’s dismay.

a person sitting on a suitcase: Katie and Carl together in September this year © Credits: Getty Images Katie and Carl together in September this year

Now pals say Jordan is convinced that she’s in the first relationship that can finally cure her obsession with first husband Peter Andre, to whom she was married from 2005 to 2009, and previously dubbed “the love of my life”.

The pair met on I’m A Celeb!, and went on to have children Junior, now 15, and Princess, 13, as well as getting tribute tattoos and starring in hit reality show Katie & Peter. Jordan and Pete were reportedly on frosty terms in the wake of their split – with Jordan making various digs in the press, including calling him “short” and “fat”, though last year they finally seemed to heal their rift. Since their split in 2009 – which Jordan has said was down to their relationship being in the spotlight – she has continued to speak about her feelings towards her ex.

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Dane Bowers 1998 - 2000

Katie Price et al. posing for the camera: Dane Bowers Katie Price © Credits: Shutterstock Dane Bowers Katie Price

Katie began dating Another Level (remember them?) singer Dane Bowers during her Jordan days in 1998. Katie has since spoken about how devasated she was after the pair split in 2000. She even revealed in the CBB house that she nearly committed suicide over it and confessed that Dane was the love of her life.

Dane Bowers

a man and a woman taking a selfie: Dane Bowers © Credits: Instagram Dane Bowers

After his smash hit 'Out of Your Mind' with Victoria Beckham (who Katie reportedly had a feud with) Dane went a bit quiet on the music scene. Fast forward to 2013 and he reformed with Another Level for The Big Reunion. More recently, Dane has been linked to Love Island star Laura Anderson, who he apparently ended up cheating on. He must have been out of his mind #sorrynotsorry

Dwight Yorke 2000 - 2001

Dwight Yorke wearing a suit and tie: Dwight Yorke Katie Price © Credits: Shutterstock Dwight Yorke Katie Price

Katie dated the former Manchester United and Aston Villa footballer, Dwight Yorke. The pair dated for 18 months and had baby Harvey together, who was born with autism and blindness.

Dwight Yorke

a man holding a ball: Dwight Yorke © Credits: Shutterstock Dwight Yorke

Katie has spoken out many times about Dwight's reluctance to be a part of Harvey's life. She recently revealed that he hasn't seen his teenage son in over 10 years. Dwight has since had a second child with another woman, and he continues to work on international football projects.

Gareth Gates 2001 - 2001

a close up of Gareth Gates smiling for the camera © Credits: Shuttestock Gareth Gates

Baby face Gareth Gates shot to fame during Pop Idol in 2002. He started dating a pregnant Katie Price when he was 17, and was reportedly a virgin before they met.

Gareth Gates

Gareth Gates, Faye Brookes posing for the camera © Credits: Shutterstock Gareth Gates

Gareth went on to star in The Big Reunion with another one of Katie's exes, Dane Bowers. Awkward. Katie has also said that she would totally go back 'there' with Gareth. Unfortunately for Katie, West End actor Gareth is now happily in a relationship with Corrie star Faye Brooke. In January 2019 it was reported that the pair were engaged.

Matt Peacock 2001 - 2001

Tracy Shaw, Stephen Beckett posing for the camera: Matt Peacock © Credits: Shutterstock Matt Peacock

Former Corrie heartbreaker Matt Peacock stirred the infamous feud between Katie Price and model Jodie Marsh. He dated Jordan for a few months, then later married Jodie as part of Totally TV show Jodie Marsh: Who Will Take Her Up the Aisle?. They divorced three months later.

Matt Peacock

a man standing in a room: Matt Peacock © Credits: Shutterstock Matt Peacock

Matt married an actress and model called Rachael in 2016. Bizarrely, his photos have also been used in quite a few catfishing incidents. But Katie recently started following Matt on Instagram - what can this mean?

Peter Andre 2004 - 2009

Peter Andre et al. posing for the camera: Katie Price © Credits: Shutterstock Katie Price

The nation watched Peter Andre fall for Katie's charms on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2004. The pair then starred in a string of reality TV shows documenting their life after a fairytale wedding. They even released an album of duets, which we'd all rather just forget about. Katie and Peter had two children together, Junior and Princess, during their five years of marriage.

Peter Andre

Peter Andre standing posing for the camera © Credits: Shutterstock Peter Andre

Things between Pricey and Peter have soured in the years following their split, after he blasted Katie for her 'wild' behaviour. Peter is now married to Emily MacDonagh, who Junior and Princess see as an older sister figure. Pete also landed himself a role in the next Thomas The Tank Engine film.

Alex Reid 2009 - 2011

Katie Price, Alex Reid posing for the camera © Credits: Shutterstock Alex Reid

Katie married cage fighter Alex Reid less than seven months after splitting from Peter Andre. Their wedding was filmed for a TV show, but their marriage only lasted for 11 months. Katie has since admitted that it happened too soon after Peter.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid et al. posing for the camera © Credits: Shutterstock Alex Reid

Alex went on the star in Celebrity Big Brother and he continues to fight. He's been married to Nikki Manashe since 2013. Most recently, he has been involved in a sex tape allegation - claiming that Katie showed a group of people a video of him performing a sex act. Will the drama ever end? (We hope not.)

Kieran Hayler 2012 - 2018

a group of people posing for the camera: Kieran Hayler © Credits: Shutterstock Kieran Hayler

It looked like Katie had a good thing going with Kieran Hayler and their two kids, Jett and Bunny. But Kieran had to go and ruin it by cheating on Katie with her nanny, two best friends (while she was pregnant), then again with a 19-year-old shop assistant. Katie kept taking him back but she FINALLY called it quits in May 2018.

Kieran Hayler

a man smiling next to a body of water: Kieran Hayler © Credits: Instagram Kieran Hayler

Kieran is now engaged to Michelle Pentecost, who he met at the school gates, and is a great dad to Jett and Bunny and Michelle's son from a previous relationship.

Kris Boyson

Katie Price et al. posing for the camera: Kris Boyson © Credits: Instagram Kris Boyson

Katie started dating personal trainer Kris Boyson within weeks of splitting from Kieran. She celebrated her 40th birthday with him and her family are said to have approved of him.

Their relationship lasted a year before split rumours started to circulate, and the pair have been on and off-ing since September 2019.

Kris Boyson

a man standing in a park: Kris Boyson © Credits: Instagram Kris Boyson

Kris is now dating Bianca Gascoigne, and moved her into his home after just weeks of their first dates.

Warren Furman 1997-1999

Jane Omorogbe, Katie Price posing for the camera: Warren Furman © Credits: Shutterstock Warren Furman

One of Katie's lowest-profile relationships, she was engaged to Gladiators star Ace - real name Warren Furman – from 1997. The 47 year old was engaged to Jordan for two years, presenting her with a £3,500 diamond ring before they split in 1999.

Warren Furman

a man smiling for the camera: Warren Furman © Credits: ITV Warren Furman

Warren appeared on This Morning last year to speak about "crashing back down to the real world" after Gladiators ended in the late 90s.

He is also a born again Christian, and exclusively told Closer, "I feel God is saying to me, 'Warren, Katie might listen'. She's caught up in materialistic things."

a woman smiling for the camera: Katie and Pete in 2006 together © Credits: Getty Images Katie and Pete in 2006 together

In 2017, Jordan was seen on her reality show being urged by Kieran – with whom she shares son Jett, seven, and daughter Bunny, six – to throw out her “shrine” to Pete, which included their wedding trinkets such as her tiara, their speeches, dried flowers and the hair extensions she wore, but she refused.

And in an interview last year, Kieran revealed she was still hung up on Pete, saying, “He was the love of her life and no one can compete with that. There’s always someone else to blame. How many more years can she blame things on her and Pete not working out?”

a person posing for the camera: Peter and Katie in 2009 © Credits: Getty Images Peter and Katie in 2009

Earlier this year on her YouTube channel, she showed off some cherished items and said, “I was with Pete in these days, I was happy… In love.” And she said in a recent interview, “I would have stayed married to the first one. I believe in getting married and staying with them forever.”

The source says, “Katie’s really settled with Carl. They’re serious about planning for their future together with marriage and babies – everything she once had with Pete and has longed for since. Katie is saying she feels just as happy, even more so, than she was when she was with Pete. She knows already that she’ll have the happy-ever-after with Carl and that it’ll be forever this time.”

a man wearing a suit and tie: Peter is now married to Emily MacDonagh © Credits: Getty Images Peter is now married to Emily MacDonagh

Jordan has made it clear that her new relationship is different from her previous romances, saying earlier this month, “People say I’ve been like this with exes but, no, they were just dress rehearsals. This is the real thing. They’re exes for a reason.”

Now psychotherapist Noel McDermott tells Closer Carl may help Jordan get over Pete – who has moved on to have Amelia, six, and Theo, three, with new wife Emily MacDonagh – for good, but that there are dangers in trying to recreate a past relationship.

text: Closer magazine © Credits: Closer magazine Closer magazine

He says, “When we’ve suffered heartbreak, an easy option can be to try to replicate the relationship we’ve lost. The feeling of ‘being in love’ is like a high – it can make you feel amazing and like you have moved on. Love hormones are great to mask the pain of heartache, but only temporarily. Unless you deal with the emotions you had previously, they’ll always return.

“Katie has thrown herself into this relationship at a worrying pace. It seems she’s trying to mask her pain from past relationships in the hope that Carl will cure her. It may make her feel better in the short-term, but she needs to address her feelings rather than try to cover them up or replace a past love with another.

“I believe it’s far too soon for her to think about marriage, babies and this being ‘the real thing’. Being in a wheelchair, after having broken both her feet, may be exacerbating these feelings too, as she’ll be at her most vulnerable.”

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Meanwhile, her pal and former X Factor contestant Sam Bailey – who was at Jordan’s vow renewal to Kieran in 2015 – says she deserves some luck in love at last. Sam, 43, says, “Our Katie is very insecure, because of previous relationships and people who have cheated on her. She’s not been lucky with guys, really. She’s made mistakes, like everybody has, but you only have to look at her children to know she’s a good mum. They’re lovely, grounded kids – you can’t help but love them.”

And insiders add that since being with Carl, Jordan seems to have made far fewer references to Pete, but pals are warning her not to rush things with Carl and make him a replacement. The source adds, “Katie has stopped talking about Pete and her other exes so much since being with Carl, and really seems to be moving on. She seems happier than ever, but her friends are worried she may just be hoping Carl is a Pete replica, and trying to replace what she had with him.”

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