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RTÉ is showing The Snapper and The Commitments on TV this month logo 07/05/2021 Claire Hyland
a close up of Tina Kellegher: Tina Kellegher in The Snapper Pic: REx © Provided by Tina Kellegher in The Snapper Pic: REx

Is that a baby or a turkey? Roddy Doyle is the undisputed king of the witty one-liners and his Barrytown Trilogy has more or less become enshrined in Irish culture.

As part of a tribute to the series, RTÉ will air two of the best-loved films, The Snapper, and The Commitments this month to coincide with the release of a new documentary about the films.

Get the popcorn at the ready on the 22 May when the broadcaster will air The Commitments – right after Lesley Roy does us proud at the Eurovision.

The week after then, on the 29 May, it will air the iconic follow-up, The Snapper.

Eanna MacLiam, Tina Kellegher, Colm Meaney sitting posing for the camera: Pic: Rex © Provided by Pic: Rex

Over 30 years since the books were published, throughout May, RTE is paying tribute to the genius that is Barrytown with a new documentary.

The three-part, Back to Barrytown series will be largely fronted by Colm Meaney, and focus on his experience appearing in the films as he takes a look back at how they came together with co-stars.

He will also chat with the real-life people who inspired the memorable characters. Naturally enough, Roddy will also feature in the series and give his take on the films three decades on, as will The Sapper and The Van director, Stephen Frears.

The list of past co-stars who will feature includes Angeline Ball (aka Imelda Quirke), Robbie Arkins (Jimmy Rabbitt), Ruth Mc Cabe (Kay Curley) but there’s no word yet as to whether Glen Hansard will appear.

Johnny Murphy et al. posing for a photo: Pic: Rex © Provided by Pic: Rex

An official description of Back to Barrytown reads that Colm: ‘will explore ‘the world of Barrytown: the people who populated it, the real lives that inspired it and those who helped create it.’

‘He peers through the fictional window into a brief moment in the history of modern Ireland: a time when the fortunes of the country and its citizens were changing utterly changing.’

Maria Doyle Kennedy et al. posing for the camera: Pic: Rex © Provided by Pic: Rex

Back To Barrytown will air from Sunday 16 May on RTÉ One as well as re-running the best-loved films.


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