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Expert reveals the top three myths around popular budget teeth whitening treatment

Irish Mirror logo Irish Mirror 11/01/2022 Sophie Collins

The New Year is often coined as the time for ‘a new me,’ and so many people will be eating healthier, exercising more, and looking after themselves in every way.

It’s often a quiet month for social interaction and so some people use that extra cash to splurge on an item or treatment they have been eyeing for a while.

The trend of teeth-whitening isn’t new, but certainly has spiked in popularity in the age of social media.

According to figures, around one in six now say they have had their teeth whitened and the industry is booming.

However, in response to this, a huge number of brands have popped to meet the demand, which means the consumer is drowned in options, searching for the safest route.

Heading to a dental professional can be extremely expensive and simply not an option for some, but doing your research on at home treatments is vital to ensure you don’t run into issues later on.

Expert reveals the top three myths around popular budget teeth whitening treatment © Getty Expert reveals the top three myths around popular budget teeth whitening treatment

Research shows that 68% of people are hesitant with at-home whitening products - citing a lack of knowledge around the products, their safety and effectiveness.

Whether you’re worried about mishaps occurring, or question the safety of these products, Clinical Expert, Tim Verhaeghe, R&D Director at Sylphar NV - the creators of iWhite - has broken down some of the most common myths so you can have your facts straight this party season.

So here are the facts you need know about at-home whitening:

At-home whitening products are bad for sensitive teeth

Mr Verhaegue said this is “not true.”

“Even if you have sensitive teeth, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve whiter teeth,” he explained.

“Even for sensitive teeth exist appropriate whitening solutions which results not only in whiter teeth, but also strengthens the teeth structure and restores the enamel.

“During our development process of the iWhite brand and new whitening technology, we focused on creating a unique treatment which also offers a solution for sensitive teeth.

“iWhite Instant 2 kit offers whitening results but also contains Hydroxyapatite - an active ingredient is the natural component of the enamel (95%).

It integrates perfectly with the enamel and fills/removes the imperfections.” The results of teeth whitening are forever

Although this is a myth most would wish for, Verhaegue said: “Unfortunately, as good as this sounds, it is not true.

“However, this doesn’t mean that you can get instant impactful results from a DIY whitening treatment.”

Some over-the-counter products can “give results up to 8 shades of whiter teeth after one treatment.

“These results even proofed to remain in time but unfortunately not forever.”

“How long the whitening results will last will depend on your oral hygiene habits, food and drink consumption, smoking and many other factors.

“A proper whitening & dental care routine, balanced nutrition and minimizing the bad habits will help significantly to extend the whiteness of your teeth.”

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe ingredient to use at home

Although a lot of products contain Hydrogen peroxide, Tim says it’s “not an ideal whitening treatment as it can create free radicals, causing tissue damage and increased dental sensitivity.

“This active ingredient can easily penetrate the tooth enamel, damage the surface of the teeth, cause the appearance of scratches and the loss of minerals, making the teeth more porous.”

In Europe, the level of the use of Hydrogen peroxide has been limited to a maximum concentration of 0.1% since 2011 in order to guarantee the consumers’ safety.

“While most of the time, hydrogen peroxide whitening treatments contained up to 6% in order to guarantee results, which is much higher than allowed to be consumer safe.”

You need to choose products with expensive UV Light gadgets to get the best results

Some brands claim this to be fact, however iWhite’s Mr. Verhaegue said this is once again “not true” and in fact there is no research showing that it improves results.

“You may have seen dentists in movies or on TV using UV light as part of the tooth whitening process,” he said.

“The trouble is that there’s no real evidence that the UV light improves results. Same for the DIY kits which have a weak blue or led-light, what in most cases only acts as a nice gadget but has no impact on whitening results.

“Crucial in achieving the best whitening result is the mix of active ingredients of which a whitening gel or DYI-treatment is made off.

“Like for iWhite we have our clinically proven effect of the innovative PAP-whitening technology, the absolute key differentiator to guarantee the best instant whitening results. On top of that, our iWhite technology is clinically proven safe and effective giving you up to 8 shade whiter teeth.”


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