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Semen staining containing Boy A's DNA found on ripped top discovered in room where Ana was found, court hears logo 20/05/2019 Garreth MacNamee
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A FORENSIC SCIENTIST has told the murder trial of Ana Kriegel that she found DNA matching that of Boy A in semen staining found on a black top discovered in the room where Ana was found. 

Marce Lee Gorman of Forensic Science Ireland said there were two areas of a black strapped top which had semen staining on them. 

Lee Gorman said that when she tested the clothing she was able to generate a mixed-DNA profile. She said the profile matched both Boy A and Ana Kriegel. There was also a third unidentified DNA profile found.

Lee Gorman said there were two possibilities considered in her analysis of the staining. The first was that the DNA belonged to Ana, Boy A and another unidentified person or that it came from three unrelated people. She said she estimated that statistically, the first option was 1,000 million times more likely.

The forensic scientist said that no other semen was found on the other clothing found in the room where Ana was discovered.

Two boys, known as Boy A and Boy B, have pleaded not guilty to the 14-year-old girl’s murder on 14 May 2018. Boy A has also been charged with aggravated sexual assault – a charge he also denies. Both boys were 13 years old at the time of the alleged offences.

Ana’s body was discovered in a disused house three days after she disappeared in May last year. 

It is being alleged by the prosecution that Boy A murdered Ana and sexually assaulted her. It is the prosecution’s case that Boy B assisted the murder and knew what was going to happen. 

The court heard how Ana’s DNA was also found when she tested the sample from the black top. Lee Gorman explained that this mixed sample can occur if the item of clothing being tested is worn against the skin of the person wearing it.

Lee Gorman, showing the garment to the court, said that it had been damaged to a point where it could not be worn again. She said she observed that the right shoulder strap was stretched and pulled. She said this strap was “quite elongated” and that the stitching had ravelled. 

The scientist added that the top was torn along the hem from the top to the bottom. She said the left shoulder strap was completely severed.

Lee Gorman said it was not possible to say when the semen was deposited on the top.  

The forensic scientist told the court that she also examined a bra which was found in the room where Ana’s body was discovered. 

Lee Gorman said the bra was damaged and that the bridge fabric joining both cups was torn apart. She said it would take “a lot of pulling and tugging” to separate that piece of fabric.   

The court also heard that the two hooks and eyes and clasp at the back of a bra found in the room had been were stretched out and bent, which she said was possibly caused by pulling.

A mixed DNA profile was generated from the bra. The minor DNA sample was male in origin but it could not be determined who it belonged to. 

The trial continues. 


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