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Woman, 92, left waiting on a chair in Dublin A&E for over 24 hours logo 10/09/2018 Graham McGrath
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A 92-year-old woman was left sitting on a chair in a Dublin A&E facility, her family have revealed.

Gladys Cummins visited the A&E department of the Mater Hospital on Monday when she was feeling unwell.

Her daughter Dee Cummins was with her, as she was moved constantly from one chair to another while waiting for over a day in the department to see a doctor.

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Speaking on RTE Radio One, Dee explained: ‘My mother went into A&E at 2.15pm. She was left in a chair for 25 hours.

‘She was moved from a wheelchair to the chair and back onto a wheelchair again, as she’s not mobile.

‘She doesn’t have dementia but at that time she was in and out of lucidity. She was fretting over the fact she wanted to get home, saying ‘why am I here?’. It was tough to calm her. We couldn’t leave her.’

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Gladys was wrapped in blankets as she was put in a part of the emergency department where she was being hit by draughts each time an emergency worker came through a door.

Dee decided to share a picture of her mum on Facebook to highlight the dire situation at the hospital and in other emergency departments around the country.

‘I felt people needed to see this. We talk a lot, between housing and healthcare, but nobody does anything.

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‘Rather than be a procrastinator and do nothing, I got up and took a photograph, put in on Facebook and asked people to share it.

‘I thought of a Facebook page called the Long Wait. People can put photos of their relatives on this page and the amount of time they spent waiting to see a medic.

Dee has also called on Minister for Health, Simon Harris, to take measures to improve conditions to ‘afford people some dignity’.

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