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Kate Middleton has 'totally ignored' Prince Harry memoir drama for her 'life's work'

Irish Mirror logo Irish Mirror 03/02/2023 Jennifer Newton

The Princess of Wales has totally ignored the drama surrounding Prince Harry's memoir and instead focussed on her "life's work", it has been claimed.

This week, Kate launched her Shaping Us initiative, an ambitious campaign described aimed at raising the profile of the crucial period of a child's development, from pregnancy to the age of five.

It comes just weeks after her brother-in-law released his controversial tell-all memoir Spare, which contained several royal bombshells.

In the book and in several interviews to promote it, he accuses Kate of "stereotyping" his wife Meghan Markle, saying her behaviour created a barrier and shared details of a row over bridesmaids' dresses at the time of his wedding, which left Meghan in tears.

Kate with her brother-in-law Prince Harry © WireImage Kate with her brother-in-law Prince Harry

But despite the drama surrounding the book, it is said Kate ignored the fallout and instead focused on her Shaping Us campaign.

Speaking on True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, the Mirror's royal editor Russell Myers said: "I was speaking to someone at the Palace when [Spare] was kicking off and we knew that [Shaping Us] was about to be launched.

"And they said, 'listen, [Spare] is in the past, [the Waleses] have totally ignored it'.

"I'm sure they can't ignore it completely, but it's all very much a part of, 'this is what we’re here for."Noise coming from across the Pond is something altogether entirely different'.

Kate chats to students on a trip to Leeds earlier this week © Getty Images Kate chats to students on a trip to Leeds earlier this week

"And you can’t confuse the two of them, because it [Shaping Us] has been a great success over the last few days.

"The Palace has described [Shaping Us] as [Kate]’s life work. And when you ask them what she does on a day-to-day basis, it's very much a lot of reading, a lot of research.

"She’s spoken about wanting to go back to university - I think she's said that a couple of times recently. So that might be something that she does realise in the next couple of years."

Today, in the latest part of her campaign, Kate has said the project goes beyond "raising kids" and is also about "shaping our society" and creating a "more nurturing world".

Kate's comments were made in a filmed discussion with radio presenter Roman Kemp.

She said highlighting the importance of early childhood was not about putting "extra pressure" on parents, but saying they needed "help reprioritising family life".

During the film recorded last month, which shows Kate and Kemp discussing mental health, parenthood and early years, the princess said: "This isn’t just about raising kids.

"It’s about shaping our futures, shaping our society, creating a happier, healthier, more nurturing world for us all to live in."

When the Capital FM breakfast show host commented on families "struggling" with raising kids and the cost-of-living crisis, Kate replied: "The pressures that we all face are different.

"Whilst raising the importance of early childhood, this isn’t about putting extra pressure on families.

"It’s actually saying they need the support and help reprioritising family life, home life and all that it takes really in raising children today – because it is tough."

The Royal Beat - available on True Royalty TV.


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