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Kiev mayor says «do not rule out worst-case scenario» and hints at possible «partial» evacuation

News 360 logo News 360 28/11/2022 Daniel Stewart
Archive - Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev - Krumphanzl Michal/CTK/dpa © Provided by News 360 Archive - Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev - Krumphanzl Michal/CTK/dpa

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said Monday that authorities "do not rule out the worst-case scenario" because of Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure and noted that there could be a "partial" evacuation of the city if power and water outages persist.

"I don't rule out the worst case scenario. There won't be a total evacuation, maybe a partial one, but it wouldn't be called an evacuation. It would be a temporary relocation of certain groups of people to the suburbs and places where services are available," he said in an interview with RBK-Ukraine.

Thus, he called on the residents of the capital to "consider different scenarios and be prepared", because "according to information from the Army, the enemy plans to carry out insidious attacks on the country's infrastructure to intimidate Ukrainians with darkness and cold".

"It would be a big mistake if we did not prepare for different scenarios. If a year ago, at this time, someone had started to say what was going to happen in the future, about murder, war, rape and genocide, he would not have been described as a sane person. Today, that's the terrible, harsh reality," he argued.

Klitschko has therefore asked the population to stock up on drinking water, food, winter clothes, charged phones and computers, as well as to download maps that can be used offline in case it is necessary to leave the city, Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reported.


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