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Skill Lync introduces crash testing course: Learn more about shell safety, simulations

The Financial Express logo The Financial Express 28-04-2021 Express Drives Desk
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Crash tests have recently gained prominence in the Indian car scene context. With crash safety norms not really being factored by manufacturers for many years, it is but natural that this is an ignored aspect. However, with the ever-tightening government safety regulations noose in place, manufacturers are now forced to think of this aspect while making their new cars. Skill Lync has now introduced its crash testing safety course for aspiring automotive students. Crash testing is an important component  in the automotive and aerospace industries, says Skill Lync. Their new course aims to equip students with meshing car technology using HyperMesh and RADIOSS. The cost of this course depends on whether one wants it for two months, four months or lifetime. The cost is fixed at Rs 7,000, 10,000 and 15,000 respectively. With the latter, lifetime updates in the crash testing mechanism will be given to the students.

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RADIOSS is a problem solver technology that focuses on the roof crash, side and frontal analysis. HyperMesh in the meanwhile focuses on car crash simulations. The course is open for one and all though it will far benefit those from the Aerospace, Mechanical as well as automotive engineering streams. Checking the vehicle’s structural integrity after it has been involved in a crash is also something that will be taught. As a bonus, pedestrian protection as well as passenger protection too will be an added benefit subject. After completing this course, Skill Lync says,  students will be able to set up cases for any explicit simulation, debug bugs, and post-process the results.

Students can then apply to research and development centres at automotive companies. Experience in use of tools too will be provided by this course and hence getting hands-on within a company will be quite easy. One can logon to the Skill Lync website ( to get more information on the course.

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