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Have a Nice Death: The Best Spells And Weapons For Beginners

GameRant 24-03-2023 Tristan Jurkovich
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Have a Nice Death puts players in the role of the Grim Reaper aka Death. Players can arm Death with three different types of attacks. First, they will always be accompanied by a scythe. There is a standard version, but eventually, players can unlock new forms too like one that divides the scythe into two sickles.

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It’s a cool feature for a roguelike. Then there are Cloak weapons, which are powerful but operate on cooldowns. Finally, there are spells that use Mana and this resource will recharge over time. So, of the many weapons and spells in Have a Nice Death, some are much better suited to the early stages of the game than others.

Diss Scythe

Diss Scythe is one of the many different types of Scythes that players can get in the game. It will put a smaller version of Death’s Scythe on a string, thus turning it into a ranged weapon. It has a lot of good potential from being able to attack enemies safely from a distance to pulling them closer at the end of a combo.

The one downside of the Diss Scythe is that it is not as strong as some of the other Scythes in terms of raw attack power. Still, getting any weapon with range on it is a great thing in a roguelike game.


Twinsie is perhaps the strongest version of the Scythe in the early sections of the game. It’s a pole that has a Scythe on each end of it, sort of like Surge’s Swallow weapon in Chrono Cross. It’s fast, fluid, and deals a decent amount of damage. It doesn’t have as good a range as the Diss Scythe, but the reach is longer than the standard Scythe.

One of the coolest abilities attached to Twinsie though is that it has the literal touch of death on it. Players have the potential to swipe through enemies as they swipe through profiles on dating apps with this status ability applied.

Dirty Dagger

One of the best status-inflicting abilities players can get in Have a Nice Death is called Backstab. One of the best Curses in the game is called Treason to Live, which applies Backstab to all attacks 100% of the time.

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Dirty Dagger is a Cloak weapon that is not as good as Treason to Live. It has a 100% chance to Backstab as well, but the attack power is low. Still, as it should appear in runs more commonly, getting this weapon is a decent substitute.

Shake Spear

Shake Spear is a Cloak weapon that transforms Death’s trusty cloak into a spear. The attack will jab a few times before dispersing. A spear in an action RPG setting is great for many reasons. The obvious one is that this is another weapon that will keep Death at a safe distance away from his enemies.

The Shake Spear specifically will pierce through multiple enemies at once, giving players the advantage to attack crowds. The starting attack power of this Cloak is not huge, but the advantages are numerous.


Who doesn’t like a good pun in a video game, especially in the roguelike genre where death is around every corner? Slaymore is a great pun that puts a spin on the typical Claymore weapon found in other games.

This Cloak attack will strike enemies on the ground and then launch Death into the air. It has the ability to strike multiple foes at once or to hit the same opponent multiple times if they are a larger type like a boss. It deals a heavy amount of damage, plus that jump portion is sort of like an added dodge.


Bees have to be one of the most memed insects on the internet. There is the reference to Nicolas Cage screaming “Not the bees!” in The Wicker Man along with Oprah screaming about bees on her talk show. That’s why it’s no surprise that Have a Nice Death uses them as an attack ability.

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Bees is a spell attack that uses the Mana gauge. It will summon two bees to fly at enemies like heat-seeking missiles. The more upgrades this spell gets, the deadlier and more unstoppable these nectar-loving insects will get.


Have a Nice Death is full of enemies and sometimes it can be easy to get swarmed. That’s why big weapons that can attack multiple enemies at once like Slaymore and Shake Spear are handy.

For spells, players should try to get Shockwave whenever they can. This spell is like a forceful barrier that, once activated, will repel enemies in full force. It’s not a strong spell, but any way to give players more defensive maneuvers is worthwhile.

Poison Mist

Finally, there is Poison Mist which is exactly as it sounds. This spell will disperse a small poison gas cloud on an area for a set amount of time. Anything that steps into it will get poisoned. It’s the perfect trap to set for a boss with easy-to-detect attack patterns.

Brad, the first boss in Have a Nice Death, is a good example. Players can set a Poison Mist cloud up on the left and right side of the screen and watch it do its dirty work. There’s nothing wrong with playing dirty in a roguelike.

Have a Nice Death was released on March 22, 2023, and is available on PC and Switch.

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