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Jemima Kirke doesn't channel her relationship woes into her work

Bang Showbiz logo Bang Showbiz 14-05-2022 Bang Showbiz
Jemima Kirke won't channel her personal relationships into her roles © Bang Showbiz Jemima Kirke won't channel her personal relationships into her roles

Jemima Kirke doesn’t use her own relationship woes in her work.

The 37-year-old actress divorced Michael Mosberg – the father of her children Rafaella, 11, and nine-year-old Memphis – in 2019 but she insisted it wouldn’t have been appropriate to draw on her personal experiences for her role in ‘Conversations With Friends’.

She said: “If I’m playing a wife in a troubled marriage, I won’t think about my own marriage because then I’m putting myself into it and that’s not the job.

“No one’s the villain here, no one’s in the wrong or the right.

“It’s a book that really lives in the grey area of relationships.”

Although Jemima isn’t interested in the sort of open relationships depicted in the show – an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel – she can understand the appeal of polygamy.

She said: “There’s no formula for how you love someone and there’s no right or wrong.

“You can hurt people, but that doesn’t always mean you did wrong by them.

“People who are in open relationships will love this. I couldn’t do that, but I understand what they’re saying.”

The former ‘Girls’ star admitted she can be “moody” on set, but insisted all actors are the same.

She said: “Filming is kind of like summer camp in that you’re just sort of thrown into a space with people you don’t know but with similar interests and hopefully you click.

“Most actors, including me, are moody and want to get the job done.”

Although Joe Alwyn plays Jemima’s husband on the show, they don’t have many scenes together because of their characters’ troubled relationship so they spent a lot of time working on their back story when the cameras weren’t rolling.

She added to OK! Magazine: “There’s not much screen time with them alone so we don’t necessarily get to see how they function as a couple when they’re alone.

“That’s something Joe and I had to create together and talk about but never really got to act it out.”

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