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Anupamaa, 4 December 2021, Written Update: Vanraj gives divorce papers to Kavya

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In today's episode, after her heated argument with Kavya, Anupama comes back. Anupama asks why everyone appears so serious. She makes them all dance by playing Baa's favourite song. Kavya informs Baa and Bapuji that she wants to give them a gift for their 50th wedding anniversary, returns property papers to Bapuji, and says that Anupama taught her that family is everything. So she needs family's happiness and Vanraj's affection.
Anuj and Anupama discuss Kavya's change in behaviour. He says it's good that she can now focus on her career and herself. Anupama says that she can now freely visit her parents' home and can focus on the business. He accidentally pokes his finger in his eye. She scolds him and helps him. Baa calls Anupama, and she leaves.
Baa thanks everyone for organising their 50th wedding anniversary. Kavya mocks them. Vanraj claims she made his parents happy, so he wants to thank her. She excitedly opens the envelope and stands shocked.
Vanraj inquires as to how is the gift. In a state of disbelief, she says, "Divorce". He exclaims, "Yes, divorce!" He claims he was crazy to marry her, but he realised his mistake quickly. She claims he cannot divorce her by force. He questions her rationale for forcing him to marry her. She accuses Anupama of provoking Vanraj against her. She grabs Anupama and yells at her. How could she provoke her husband? Anuj warns her not to touch Anupama. 
Vanraj warns her not to blame Anupama. Kavya claims that they both plotted everything. Anupama asks her not to blame her. Kavya continues to shout. Anuj warns her once more. She asks what he will do. He says that she hasn't seen his rage yet, but he will make sure she suffers wherever she goes. She goes quiet. She destroys the divorce papers, stating that she will not sign them. Vanraj laughs, gives another copy, and says he's made many copies and she'll get tired of destroying them, so she should sign them.
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