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Balika Vadhu 2, 12 November 2021, Written Update: Anand touches Anandi's hand, promises forever

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In today's episode, Maadi Baa sees Kanku and Anandi coming home together. Kanku was asked why she went to the market by Maadi Baa. Kanku replies that she was concerned about how we would celebrate Diwali without diyas and rangoli and other decors. Maadi Baa gets happy and tells everyone that they should be enraged and praises Jigar and Kanku. After a while, someone gives gifts to the whole family. They get happy seeing Diwali gifts. Kanku was sad and requests Anandi to get her phone, claiming that Maadi Baa must have left it in her room. Anandi afterwards goes to Maadi Baa's room and unintentionally breaks the vase. She then searches in the room and discovers a cellphone under Maadi Baa's pillow. She attempts to take it. But Maadi Baa takes a turn, Anandi goes into hiding. Maadi Baa opens her eyes as she is ready to snatch the phone but Baa asks her what is she doing here at this time.
Anand arrives and informs Anandi that she has won. Baa gets worried and asks Anandi what does he said. Anand claims that I taught her a new game called truth and dare and that I asked her to touch you and return. Baa scolds them both and asks them to go and sleep. Anand claims that I gave her this dare in the evening and that she is now carrying it out. Maadi Baa chastises him and demands an explanation. But Anand and Anandi get out of the room. She explains to Anand that she went there to get Kanku didi's phone. Anand claims, "I can't image staying away from my phone for even 5 minutes." Anandi asks for his advice on what to do, assuming Kanku didi is concerned and assures her that I will get her phone. Anand promises to assist him to steal the phone. Anand touches Anandi's hand, promises to be with her.
Sejal dresses up in a salwar outfit. Diwari appears, dressed in the gown. Maadi Baa appears, dressed in a designer saree. Prem ji and Lakha Kumar are both dressed in kurta pyjamas when they arrive. Jigar arrives dressed in a suit. Anandi appears, dressed in the gown. Sejal thinks she looks gorgeous. Anand arrives and tells that everyone is looking great and shining brightly like a bright star. Anand clicks their picture and asks them to smile.
We have seen this episode on the channel's OTT platform.
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