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Balika Vadhu 2, 14th January 2022, Written Update: Usha agrees to help Anandi

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In today’s episode, Kiara takes Anandi to her house, and Anandi thanks her. Kiara tells her it’s fine as they both can do assignments together and Anandi tells her she had forgotten about that. Kiara calls Anand and informs him to not worry as she got Anandi back home safe. Anand thanks her for her help. Vikranth asks Kiara why is Anandi with her and she says she had to help her friend. Diya calls Vikranth and tells she’s worried about Anandi. Vikranth says he doesn’t know where Anandi is and tells him he needs to go for important work. Vikranth asks Kiara why can’t they tell the truth to Diya. Kiara tells him that Anandi can be of use to them. 

The next day, the lawyer asks Anandi if she has proof of her child marriage with Jigar. Anandi tells no, and the lawyer tells her that she can’t continue fighting the case as Anandi can’t pay her. Anandi cries and thinks only Anand can help her. Anandi overhears someone talking about a very reputed lawyer, Usha Sachdeva. Anandi thinks she might help her. Anandi meets Usha. Bhairavi tells Anand that she can’t pay Anandi’s lawyer and Anand asks her how could she do this to him. Bhairavi asks Anand if he likes Anandi and he says only he has feelings for her but they’re just friends. Bhairavi warns him to break all ties with Anandi. 

Diya tells Bhairavi that Anand will hate her for this. Bhairavi says it’s fine. Anandi tells her situation to Usha and she agrees to help Anandi. Usha gives her card and goes. Anandi thinks she can get the money from her jewellery back in Raigarh. Anand decides to sell his app to someone else to fund Anandi’s case. Anandi changes her attire and enters the house to take her jewelleries. Kanku tells Anandi that Jigar put her jewelleries in the locker.

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