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13 On-Screen WWE Couples That Ended Up Together In Real Life

TheSportster 14-11-2022 Avik Das
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On-screen couples are quite common in WWE, as the company loves to run romantic angles every once in a while. In every era of WWE, there have been some popular on-screen couples who have been romanced only for the storyline.

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However, sometimes the kayfabe romance could turn out to be real romance. Being on the road for the majority of the year and after working together for months, even years, can result in some on-screen couples taking their romance from TV to real life. Hence, many on-screen couples have ended up dating or marrying each other in real life.


The personal lives of wrestlers make it easy for things to evolve on the fly. Quite a few couples came out of nowhere to mix the elements of both fiction and reality. WWE is the place most commonly associated with relationships sparking since they’ve had the most wrestlers under contract and have been around the longest in our lifetime.

Fans will always wonder about the reality behind couples on screen since it became easy to see it playing out that way. WWE does not shy away from showcasing their couples if the talents involve want it to be presented. Even more couples in WWE history have walked the tightrope between having their real lives merge with television.

The Miz And Maryse

The first interactions between The Miz and Maryse came on WWE television. Miz was getting more time as a rising mid-card heel and tried to make Maryse fall in love with him. Despite both being heels, Maryse often wasn’t impressed and shut him down.

WWE teased the idea of them being an on-screen item, but they ultimately changed their mind. Maryse managed Ted DiBiase, who needed a manager, and Miz was on his own. However, Miz and Maryse started dating around this time in real life. The couple is now happily married with children and are on WWE TV as an item whenever Maryse returns.

Tyson Kidd And Natalya

Tyson Kidd grew up around the Hart family and is considered a member. Natalya and Tyson have been best friends since childhood and chased the wrestling drama together. WWE placed them in the same faction of the Hart Dynasty with David Hart Smith.

All three wrestlers were one package item for months until Natalya got her own chances again. Total Divas exposed the real relationship that had been going on between Kidd and Natalya all that time. WWE made their relationship become part of their act shortly after when Natalya managed a heel Tyson.

Brock Lesnar And Sable

The relationship between Brock Lesnar and Sable technically started all the way back in a storyline. Brock turning heel in 2003 placed him in Vince McMahon’s inner circle when he was having an affair with Sable on screen.

There was a slight tease of Lesnar flirting with Sable, but nothing came out of it beyond being on the same side. WWE was shocked to find out Lesnar started dating Sable towards the end of their runs. Both chose to left the company, and Sable has not ever returned despite Lesnar being a big deal these days.

CM Punk And AJ Lee

Back in 2012, AJ Lee had a character of being a crazy chick, and she dated a number of male Superstars on the screen. She was paired with the likes of Kane, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and CM Punk.

But CM Punk and AJ Lee not only dated on the screen; they also started going out in real life. They eventually got engaged and tied knot in 2014. Incidentally, CM Punk was also fired from WWE on his wedding day.

Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth

Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were certainly the most popular couple on the screen back in the Golden Era. Their chemistry on TV was unerring, and the fans loved them. But they weren't the couple for TV only.

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Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were an off-screen couple as well, which was a reason the couple had such great chemistry. Savage married his on-screen manager in 1984 and divorced in 1992.

Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are known as the power couple of WWE, both on the screen and off the screen. They became an on-screen couple in the McMahon-Helmsley era. It was around the same time they also started dating in real-life.

The Game and The Billion Dollar Princess were married in storyline when Triple H tricked Stephanie to marry him in Las Vegas. But a few years later, they walked down the aisle in real-life. The couple is still going strong and has three kids together.

Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella

Back in 2010, The Bella Twins were in a storyline with Daniel Bryan. The twins fought for the attention of Daniel Bryan. Brie, along with Nikki, accompanied Daniel Bryan to ring during his matches. They even had a segment, where The Bella Twins kissed Daniel Bryan in the ring.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan started dating afterward behind the curtain and got engaged in 2013. The couple married in 2014. They are still happily together and have two kids.

Rusev And Lana

Rusev debuted as a powerhouse under the supervision of his manager, Lana. They both had Russian gimmicks, and they were the conventional foreign heels. But the duo became more than just an on-screen pair.

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They started dating while Lana was managing Rusev on TV. Back in 2016, Lana and Rusev got married, and they are still together. Currently, Rusev wrestles in AEW under the ring name Miro.

Goldust And Marlena/ Terri Runnels

Goldust and Marlena were an iconic couple on the screen in the mid to late 1990s. Marlena or Terri Runnels certainly complemented Goldust's gimmick. With their actions, they made many fans uncomfortable in the arena or on TV.

Despite having unconventional gimmicks, they made it work due to their chemistry. Goldust and Marlena were a married couple, and their marriage lasted six years.

Test And Stacy Keibler

Test and Stacy Keibler were an on-screen couple in 2002. The blonde stunner also became an image consultant of the former Intercontinental Champion to make a change in his persona and look. Test and Stacy had a good run as a couple, especially when the former feuded with Scott Steiner.

During this collaboration, the pair wasn't just an on-screen couple. Stacy Keibler and Test began dating in 2001. They continued to date for four years until breaking up in 2005. Following their relationship, Test also dated Kelly Kelly until his unfortunate demise in 2009.

John Morrison And Melina

Melina began managing John Morrison right from the start of her WWE career. She was the manager of MNM, which consisted of John Morrison, Joey Mercury, and Melina herself. Incidentally, when John Morrison and Melina were paired on the screen, they also started seeing each other in real life.

Their real-life relationship lasted a long 11 years. However, it wasn't a steady relationship because they had off and on relationship during this tenure. Their relationship hit a rock bottom when Melina allegedly had an affair with Batista in real-life.

Cass And Carmella

Carmella is presently married to the RAW commentator, Corey Graves. But she was previously in a relationship with former WWE Superstar Big Cass when the latter was in WWE. Their relationship was also publicly shown on 'Total Divas'.

The couple's dating life commenced after being paired on screen. Carmella managed the team of Enzo Amore and Cass in the developmental brand until an eventual split on-screen and in real life.

Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy were paired together in NXT. While Buddy Murphy teamed up with Wesley Black, Alexa Bliss managed them. The relationship between Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy started to form off the screen as well.

After meeting in NXT and working together, the duo started dating. They even got engaged, but they broke up in 2018. Bliss recently got married to singer, Ryan Cabrera.

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