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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, 14 January 2022, Written Update: Samrat disowns Virat

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Today's episode begins with Pulkit asking Sai how she would live without Virat. Sai wants to focus on her father's dream and become a renowned doctor instead of thinking about Virat. Pulkit feels proud and insists on living with him and Devi instead of the hostel. Sai asks if Pulkit is asking this because she is an orphan, to which the latter reminds her about the Chavan family who loves her.

Samrat holds Virat's collar and shouts at him for cheating Sai. He believes Shruti is responsible for all the misfortune in their lives. He thinks of confronting Shruti, but Virat requests not to drag her in between. Samrat gets angry and says he has no relation with Virat anymore and pushes him. Patralekha holds Virat and scolds Samrat for manhandling him. Samrat warns her not to interfere in between them. As Samrat leaves, Patralekha holds Virat's hand and says if she had been at Sai's place, she would have waited for Virat's reply. Virat gets angry at Patralekha's flirty talks and alerts her not to use the situation in her favor.

At the canteen, Pulkit treats Sai with a sandwich and cold coffee. Pulkit says he does not want to keep a relation with Virat. Still, Sai makes him understand that everyone has the right to choose partners according to their desires, and Virat has chosen Shruti over her. At the same time, Pulkit gets a call from his doctor friend. He learns that there is a critical case where the mother and baby survived, but the mother's uterus is damaged. Pulkit's doctor friend requests that he perform the surgery as he is an expert. Sai requests to let her assist him because she wants to learn as an intern.

They both visit the hospital, and Sai prays to God for having this opportunity to perform a doctor's responsibility finally. She misses her dad and Virat because the latter helped her get a medical degree. She feels Virat was just shouldered with her responsibility, and maybe his purpose in her life is fulfilled, so their ways are apart now.

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