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TMKOC, 14th January 2022, Written Update: Babaji prepares to exorcise the ghost

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In today's episode, Bhide receives a call from a client questioning the delivery, followed by a call from a neighbour inquiring about the karela booth. Then Bhide receives a phone call from a student inquiring about the booth. Bhide lies to his clients, neighbours, and students to conceal the news of Taarak's "Bhoot" from spreading.
All the society members come out and wait for Choodi wale Baba. Sodhi says that he will not leave Baba if he turns out to be a fraud. Everyone is worried about the outcome. Sodhi says that he is very excited about every update regarding this issue. When Mahila Mandal comes downstairs, Bhide asks Madhvi about when Baba will arrive. Komal and other women say that Baba came a long time ago. Sodhi asks if Baba has come, then why isn't he visible to them. Popatlal and Iyer ask if Baba is also a ghost. Babita asks them to stop joking and informs them that Baba is in the clubhouse making preparations. Madhvi warns them not to come to the clubhouse if they are afraid. All the men say that they don't get scared and that they will join them at the clubhouse.
Anjali comes with Taarak and asks Madhvi if all the arrangements are done. Madhvi asks Anjali to wait until she calls her. Choodi Wala Baba makes his preparations to help exorcise the ghost inside Taarak. All the society members assemble in the clubhouse. Everyone gets a little worried when they see Baba. Babaji behaves weirdly. When he spots Iyer taking a video, he asks Iyer to stop it or else the ghost will enter his mobile.
Babita calls Anjali and asks her to come to the clubhouse with Taarak. Taarak tries to convince Anjali. Anjali says that it's for his own good and takes Taarak along with her. Babaji asks everyone to keep silent. Taarak gets scared when he sees Baba. 
Stay tuned to find out what happens next.
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