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TMKOC, 24th May 2022, Written Update: Everyone awaits Popatlal

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In today’s episode, Apsara calls Popatlal and enquires if anything happened between him and Prateeksha. Popatlal tells yes and she asks him if the proposal is confirmed. He tells it will get confirmed when they’ll call him at 10:45. She wishes the best for him and he tells her that he’ll invite her to the wedding and thanks to her. He goes to the temple and prays that he gets this relationship. Bheede prays that Popatlal finally gets married. Bapuji calls on Jethalal’s phone to check if his phone is working properly. Jethalal calls on the landline to check the network. 

Bheede, Madhavi, and Anjali come to Jethalal’s house and ask him if his phone’s charged. He tells yes. Haathi and Komal come next and ask Jethalal if his phone is charged. He gets a little annoyed and tells yes. Iyer comes next and asks him if his phone is charged and Jethalal yells at him. Babita comes and asks the same thing but he replies sweetly to which Iyer murmurs something. Everyone gathers and wonder where did Popatlal go as he hasn’t come yet. They try calling him but he doesn’t pick up. 

Mr. Singh calls Jethalal and he keeps it on speaker. They ask for Popatlal and Jethalal lies that he’s on the way. Later, they video call him and ask about Popatlal. Bapuji makes an excuse again and cuts the call. He gets angry and asks where’s Popatlal. Jethalal tells Mr. Singh believes in muhurat a lot. Bheede agrees. They video call and Bapuji picks up and they ask if Popatlal came. Popatlal enters and tells he came and greets them on the call.

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