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Bread Pizza to Cone Pizza: Different Takes On The Popular Italian Food

Her Zindagi logo Her Zindagi 3 days ago Tanushree De

From the humble cheesy margherita to the monstrous deep-dish pizza having a variety of delicious toppings, Pizza is an eternal fast food dish that everybody loves. While we usually end up ordering a pizza from outside, making it at home can be very easy too. This Pizza Day (9 February), just ditch the plain old toppings-over-crust style to do something different and you can have a lip smacking Pizza-inspired dish that will be gobbled up by everyone.

Bread Pizza

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Perhaps the easiest pizza recipe of them all, the bread pizza is a tasty bread snack that you can quickly make with a few ingredients. Heat a little butter in a pan and toast sandwich breads on it while keeping a low flame. Spread the pizza sauce on one side and start placing the toppings of slightly cooked chopped onions, tomatoes, corn, olives, chicken or paneer pieces, baby corn, whatever you like. No add grated mozzarella cheese or a slice of cheese. Sprinkle oregano and black pepper powder on the no bake pizza. Turn off the flame after the cheese starts to melt. Serve the Bread Pizza with ketchup.

Pizza Paratha

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Give an Indian twist to Pizza Italiano with this quick pizza recipe. Just make a roti, put pizza sauce on it followed by your choice of toppings. Now make another roti and place this over the first one and seal the edges. Heat some oil in a pan and place this roti pizza on it. Cook it on one side and flip it when the edges are properly cooked. Spread grated cheese all over the cooked side and let it melt. Spread some oregano and chilli flakes as per taste and cut the Paratha Pizza into 4/6 pieces. Serve immediately.

Pizza Rolls Or Pizza Pinwheels

a plate of food with a slice cut out: pizza rolls © Provided by Jagran Prakashan Ltd. pizza rolls

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This is an oven pizza recipe that you can make by simply topping up the crust dough with slightly cooked toppings of corn, capsicum, onions, tomatoes, salami etc. and rolling it up into a log. Then cut the log at regular intervals, turn the cut side up and sprinkle cheese on it. Bake this in an oven preheated to 200 Degrees Celcius. Bake for 10 minutes and serve the Pizza Rolls with sprinkled oregano and your choice of sauce.

Pizza Cones

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Call them pizza cones or say pizza jor garam, these will win your heart over with their taste and looks. This is the perfect kids recipe when hunger strikes and you have little time to make a tasty snack. Place pizza dough on foil paper and roll both into cones while sealing at one side. Now put pizza sauce with finely chopped toppings inside and top it up with lots of grated cheese. Preheat the oven to 200 Degrees Celcius and bake the pizza cones for 10 minutes. Your crunchy pizza in a cone is ready.


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