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Top 3 food items you should eat to prevent hair loss in monsoon, Rujuta Diwekar shares

India Today 17-08-2022 Medha Chawla

The monsoon surely brings along oodles of relief from the scorching summer heat, but this season is also pretty challenging for hair. With the increased moisture in the environment, the tresses tend to get brittle and frizzy. A lot of us even witness excessive hair fall. If you are one among them, read on as we list the top 3 food items you should eat to prevent monsoon hair loss.

On Wednesday, renowned nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram and shared how several food items help deal with the issue. Are you wondering what those ingredients are? Well, here we go - methi dana (fenugreek seeds), aliv seeds (garden cress seeds) and jaiphal (nutmeg). She also shared how to consume these food items.

See her Instagram post:


Methi dana is the first ingredient that Rujuta Diwekar mentioned on the list. She suggested adding the seeds to kadhi or using them in tadka while cooking vegetables like pumpkin. You can also use them to add that extra flavour to raita, she said in her Instagram post.

That's not all. She also suggested a hair mask recipe that helps deal with hair loss. Add some seeds to a bit of warm coconut oil and let it cool and then massage your scalp and leave overnight.

"Methi dana is especially useful if it is a hormonal issue-related hair loss (PCOD, etc) as it helps improve insulin response," Rujuta wrote.


Just soak some aliv seeds and have them with milk at night. These iron-rich seeds can also be rolled into laddoos with coconut and ghee. These seeds are also helpful in dealing with the hair loss that is caused due to chemotherapy treatment.


Here's another ingredient that Rujuta Diwekar mentioned on the list of ingredients that help prevent hair loss. "Add a small pinch of nutmeg to milk (along with aliv seeds)," she wrote. "The vitamin B6, folic acid and magnesium present in nutmeg help prevent hair loss and de-stress," she added.

The celebrity nutritionist also added that ghee, haldi (turmeric), and dahi (curd) also help in battling hair loss.

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