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Jump Rope Is A Seriously Underrated Total Body Workout

Longevity logo Longevity 04-08-2018 Skye Mallon

jump rope [longevity live] © Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltd jump rope [longevity live] Jump rope is probably an activity you remember doing as a child with your schoolmates. And it’s most likely not something you’ve tried in a while. That needs to change because just 10 minutes of jumping rope can torch calories!

This is by far one of the most underrated forms of exercise. Yet, it is really easy to do once you’ve coordinated yourself and can be done anywhere.

There is actually a reason behind why boxers. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters and athletes do it! And since more people are trying out combat sports, you might as well try out their fitness favourite, jump rope.

Jump Rope Means No More Excuses

a man flying through the air: jump rope [longevity live] © Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltd jump rope [longevity live]

It might seem like a really random form of exercise at first. And a little bit tricky if you haven’t ever really mastered the skill, however, with a little practice and perseverance you’ll be doing double-under jumps and crisscrosses in no time!

Moreover, jumping rope is definitely not a random exercise and nor is it just a ‘warmup.’ Despite the misconception, some people might have. I personally jump rope every day or every second day. The advantage is that you can choose your intensity depending on if you want to warm up, burn calories or build strength.

In fact, jump rope exercises and intervals can challenge your entire body in a small space of time. According to Chris Hill, personal trainer and owner of Personally Fit, you’re using multiple muscle groups with less impact on the body. Plus it’s a great cardio workout. Therefore, the exercise is actually more effective than jogging or running.

This is because these exercises are high impact and do not burn as many calories as efficiently. Many people resort to jogging or running as a tool to burn body fat and get their fitness up. Yes, this makes sense because a run every now and then is great for your cardiovascular health. However, unless you truly enjoy running, it can become quite a mundane and tedious task, particularly during cold winters. On top of this, most people experience injuries and bone or joint problems from too much running because it places continuous stress on your feet, shins, ankles, hips and legs.

Better yet, you don’t need any equipment besides a pair of training shoes and a jump rope. You also can’t complain about space or the cold because it is a workout that you can do in your lounge. All you need to do is push the furniture aside and mind you don’t whip any valuables off their shelves. Lastly, the workout can be done anywhere you like on most, if not any, flat surface. This makes things a lot more exciting, especially during summer time and means you can’t complain about it being boring. That, and there’s probably almost enough jump rope techniques and tricks you can do to fill up an entire book.

The Best Exercise To Get Lean

a close up of a person: jump rope [longevity live] © Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltd jump rope [longevity live]

There are so many health benefits that come from jumping rope. However, studies have found that it is one of the most effective cardio exercises out there and can get you into top shape with just a few minutes a day of skipping.

The study points out that after six weeks of daily 10-minute jump-rope exercises. Participants demonstrated the same levels of improvement to their cardiovascular health as individuals who jogged for 30 minutes a day. Surprisingly, jumping up and down is a more efficient workout than pounding the pavement. And you can achieve the same results in a half the time.

According to studies, jumping rope at a moderate pace is equal to running for eight minutes. It also burns more calories per minute and even engages more muscles than swimming or rowing. All of this, whilst still qualifying as a low-impact workout.

Boxers have been using skipping as part if their fitness regime for years because of its effectiveness and versatility. You are able to get increased cardiovascular levels, flexibility, rhythm, muscle tone, shoulders, arms, and legs. Not only this but you also have to concentrate on your movements, which is brilliant for improving overall cognitive health and functioning.

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Experts at WebMD state that it’s the total body benefits which is the most impressive part of a jump rope workout. Jumping rope is really great for your heart, but it also strengthens the upper and lower body. In addition. you can target almost any body part depending on what style of jump rope you choose. It can vary from your lower body to your upper body and core. Moreover, with different drills, you can switch the burn between your shoulders, abs and calves. Plus your cardio will feel heightened as well.

Even A Newbie Can Do It

jump rope [longevity live] © Provided by ZA Celebrityworx Pty Ltd jump rope [longevity live]

The best way to start is to get yourself a decent, lightweight, speed rope. And then you just need to keep things simple. Do not try to skip as fast as you can or mimic professional tricks. That way you can easily overstride and injure yourself, It’s best, to begin with, two feet at once. You can then start to alternate your feet and maybe bounce on one foot.

Once you’ve got the hang of this you can try some high knees. Only then should you graduate to double-under jumps. It starts to become really enjoyable here because you can experiment with criss-cross skips or jumping jacks. It’s really fun when you start to play around with different formations. The key to remember is whenever you mess up your rhythm, just keep bouncing on your toes with the rope in hand.

Feel free to experiment, however you need to bear in mind that form is pertinent. You want to ensure that you are always landing softly onto your toes and do not start building too much height in your jumps.

Ladies and gents. It takes hardly any skill, money, or space to get a good jump rope workout in. Whether it’s your bedroom, lounge, a park, a hotel room or your office. If you want to, you are guaranteed the option to make a good skipping session happen anywhere. Just dedicate 10-20 minutes a day and try out a jump rope circuit.

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