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Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Better, Protect Cabinets, And Maintain Hygiene - Expert Speaks! logo 16-10-2021 ( News Desk)
Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Better, Protect Cabinets, And Maintain Hygiene - Expert Speaks! (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay) © Vineeta Kumar | Lifestyle Staff Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Better, Protect Cabinets, And Maintain Hygiene - Expert Speaks! (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

Kitchen tips: A well-equipped and organized kitchen has the power to make your life much easier. That being said, not everyone is an expert on kitchen needs. The growing kitchen market also launches a new tool or product frequently. While this does give way to an upgraded kitchen, many people feel confused about the basic steps. To sort this issue, here is a checklist of kitchen needs. Take a look:

1. Kitchen Tips: Invest In Organizers

Kitchen clutter happens every day. Even making the simplest of meals like a sandwich can leave the countertop scattered and messy. Moreover, when you have unwanted clutter, it becomes difficult to find things. Now, all this can be easily avoided if you know how to organize it with the right accessories. These generally include some less familiar countertop organisers like a pegboard for ample wall storage, a double-stacked tray for essentials, built-in appliances, revolving spice racks, compartment sinks, shelves on the side of your cabinet, metal trays, hanging baskets, among others.

2. Kitchen Tips: Stack Up The Kitchenware

Another basic need you just cannot ignore is kitchenware. These are products and tools that make your kitchen functional. They consist of utensils needed for meal preparation, cooking, serving, eating, and other miscellaneous work. You can divide them into various categories.

Here's a list of essentials in each category:

  • Food Preparation Equipment: These include knives - chef's knife, paring knife, knife sharpener, bread knife, spiralizer, chopping board, colander, mandolin, cheesecloth, basting brush, garlic press, zester, melon baller, salad spinner, measuring cups & spoons, salt cellar and rolling pin.
  • Cooking Equipment: Stockpot, electric griddle, Frying pan/skillet, silicone turner, immersion blender, saucepans, wok, grilling tools, roasting pan, ovenproof dish, roasting tin, stirring spoon, slotted spoon, tongs, masher, oven gloves.
  • Serving Equipment: Pie server, wood serving boards, large square platter, ramekins, ladle, pasta fork, trivet, salad servers, spoons, pizza cutter, corkscrew, potholders, and bottle opener.

3. Kitchen Tips: Protection With Shelf and Drawer Liners

Once you are sure of the kitchen supplies and equipment, shift your focus to shelf liners. If you want to protect drawers and cabinets from moisture, scratches, make cleaning easier, or even add some colour and style, you can add shelf liners. Using the correct shelf or drawer liner with different items in the kitchen means safe storage and a more organised kitchen. Nowadays, you can find shelf liners in silicone, PVC, cork, fabric, and decorative patterns and textures.

Silicone shelf-liners are best if you need an anti-slip surface for storage on the shelf. Cork liners are perfect for drawers storing glassware or chinaware. Lining refrigerator shelves with shelf liners can also be of great advantage, as using them will significantly cut down on the amount of time and effort it takes to keep your fridge clean and germ-free. Cork offers the perfect bouncy surface for your glassware safety.

4. Kitchen Tips: Floor Mats

Another interesting way to protect not just your kitchen but also yourself in the kitchen is to add kitchen floor mats. They are usually placed in the area around your sink so that any spillage or moisture on the floor gets absorbed quickly.

This also ensures that you or anyone who is using the kitchen does not slip. In fact, you can buy special anti-slip mats for this. They are extremely light, easy to clean, and offer better friction. For the areas where you need to spend extended time standing, use the anti-fatigue mats. These memory foam mats take the pressure off your heels and turn your cooking less exhausting. And finally, choose the floor mats as per the design and the layout of your kitchen to complement the overall look.

5. Kitchen Tips: The Cleaning Essentials

A clean kitchen is necessary to keep your food safe from bacteria and other infections. So, when you are preparing the kitchen essentials list, do add cleaning items. While you can take care of the common items, here is a quick list of unique modern essentials made for the kitchen:

  • Microwave steam cleaner
  • Sensor Soap Dispenser
  • Silicon dishwashing gloves
  • Dish drainer rack
  • Chimney cleaner spray
  • Kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer
  • Crumb Scraper

6. Kitchen Tips: Bins For Hygiene

The last but definitely not the least are bins. You can buy dustbins of various sizes depending on your family size. Also, add trash bags to collect the peels of vegetables, packets, and other waste material.

An expert recommendation for the best dustbins is pedal bins with dry and wet waste compartments. This helps in easing your process of disposing of the waste for recycling. So, with these kitchen bins, you also contribute to making this planet greener in the long turn. The kitchen is the heart of your house. So, make sure you get all the necessary accessories and turn it into a perfect place.

-- Inputs by Ashish Dhingra, Founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand

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