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4 simple lifestyle rules to prevent heart attack in young

Hindustan Times logo Hindustan Times 24-09-2022 Parmita Uniyal, Delhi

World Heart Day 2022: Heart attacks are becoming common in young people more than ever before and it's no longer the disease of the old. A string of recent celeb deaths and young people dying of sudden cardiac arrest has made us wonder what is ailing our heart health and what can be done to prevent heart diseases. While many young people are devoted to their fitness and work very hard to get a sculpted body, they may sometimes ignore the basics. So are these basics? Sleeping on time, finding ways to beat the stress, eating healthy and not taking calorie-laden shortcuts, staying away from tobacco and alcohol to name a few. It is also important to stay active throughout the day and even if your job is sedentary, you should try to walk as much as possible for keeping your heart healthy and strong. (Also read: Comedian Raju Srivastava dies at 58; is too much exercise bad for heart?)

World Heart Day 2022 is being observed on September 29 this year and the theme is cardiovascular health for all. Heart diseases take 18.6 million lives every year across the world. While in this era of cut throat competition, we all love to stay on top of the game, but one should not forget the basics and follow some healthy habits every single day to stay healthy.

"Nowadays, we are bombarded with news of celebrities and young individuals dying of sudden cardiac arrest and death. Even the ones who are so‑called healthy are having an early death. With this, we come to the conclusion that health is the real wealth. If you're healthy, you'll be able to stay on the top of your game, earn more and live more," says Dr. Ruchit Shah interventional cardiologist from Masina hospital, Mumbai.

You can introduce some simple lifestyle changes to improve your heart health © Provided by Hindustan Times You can introduce some simple lifestyle changes to improve your heart health


Here are 4 basic rules suggested by Dr Shah that you must follow for better heart health and preventing heart attacks:


Sleep on time and wake up before the sun rises. This ensures that you have head start, the moment you wake up, get moving and exercise for some time.


One must eat a healthy diet for healthy heart which is rich in fruits, vegetables, salads, and sprouts, and low in salt, sugar, and oils. Refrain from smoking tobacco, drinking and drugs.


You must exercise daily 30 minutes a day for at least five times a week and have a mix of aerobic, weight training, stretching, and yoga exercises.


Sleeping at night is the most important part of your day. It is a time when your body starts recovering recuperating, and that is a time when you can get the best ideas of your lifetime. Hence it is important to sleep early. Sleep well so that you are fresh.

"Plan your day, schedule and have a written diary. That's the time when your creativity blossoms. So friends, let's get to the top of our game by sleeping early, having a healthy life and waking up early and blossoming our creativity," concludes Dr Shah.

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