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Dark Circles? These 5 Reasons Can Be The Cause

Her Zindagi logo Her Zindagi 08-03-2019 Mohammad Ashraf

Do you feel embarrassed because of dark circles? This can actually put you under a lot of stress. The occurrence of dark circles can change the appearance of a person, making them look older. Generally, dark circles crop up due to sleep deprivation, stress and lifestyle behaviour. Are you tired of spending money on useless beauty products? Sit and relax. Stop spending money on false beauty products. You can remove dark circles with natural remedies. These natural remedies have no side-effects at all. 

Dark circles are quite common in men and women. It is also not easy to get rid of it. What is the most probable cause for dark circles? In simpler words, the thinning of skin makes the blood vessels more visible and that blood beneath the skin is what creates dark circles. Therefore, it is crucial to consume adequate amount of proteins and nutrients in our daily diet. What is it that you aren’t consuming? Let’s discuss more in detail.

Iron Deficiency

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Like we all know, iron plays an important role in our body. It maintains our good health. Iron carries oxygen to the cells. Are you iron deficient? You could be more prone to dark circles. In short, lack of iron will not be able to provide enough oxygen to cells. How to resolve? You can add more of green vegetables in your daily diet. This can be easily solved.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Are you consuming enough vitamin C? If not, then dark circles can crop up at a later point of time. Consume orange or lemon to get the benefit of vitamin C. Apart from orange-  kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, papaya and broccoli are also rich in vitamin C. You can stop dark circles by adding vitamin C in your daily diet. 

Vitamin A Deficiency

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Consume vitamin A for healthy eyes. Lack of vitamin A can be a reason for dark circles. Carrots contain lots of beta carotene and Vitamin A and may provide a fantastic source of eye vitamins for macular degeneration and cataracts. Isn’t that amazing?

Vitamin K Deficiency

Vitamin K has a distinctive quality as it plays an important role in coagulation (a process that helps prevent excessive bleeding both inside and outside the body). You can consume black mustard seeds, parsley, spinach, avocado, prune, blueberry, pomegranate, figs and tomatoes to give your body adequate amount of vitamin K. Lack of vitamin K is also one of the reasons for dark circles.

Vitamin E Deficiency

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It is equally important to consume vitamin E in your daily diet. Want to get rid of dark circles? This deficiency requires your serious attention. Eat almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, broccoli and beet greens in order to attain much needed vitamin E for your eyes.

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