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'I do full meals," Gwyneth Paltrow responds to backlash about her diet

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 19-03-2023 Akanksha Verma

A proper meal is all that it takes to be healthy and fit, and Gwyneth gets back to the backlash she faced due to her starvation diet plan and shares her wellness mantra with the audience. Gwyneth Kate Paltrow, an actor and businesswoman, has put a tag to her journey as she has won several honors, such as an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

The early roles which are played by  Paltrow in films like A Perfect Murder (1998), Sliding Doors (1998), and Seven (1995).  She was recognised widely due to her depiction of Viola de Lesseps in the romantic historical fiction film Shakespeare in Love (1998), for which she won multiple awards, including the Oscar Award for Best Actress.

On the "Art of Being Well" podcast, Paltrow made headlines this week by discussing her intermittent fasting, bone broth lunches, and paleo dinners. She claimed that these practices had "been extremely powerful and beneficial" for her.

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Gwyneth, who is more focused on her food intake, spoke about her diet plan and how she takes care of it.

Gwyneth Paltrow attributed her wellness advice, which has subsequently been branded a "starvation diet,". The actress stated on Friday on her Instagram Story, "I have been working to really focus on things that aren't inflammatory, and it's been working very well.

Gwyneth mentioned, "This is based on my medical results and the considerable testing I've done over the years, and it's not meant to be advice for anyone else."

Why did the actress state that "it's not meant to be advice for anyone else"? Here is why.

As Gwyneth Paltrow received backlash regarding her "starvation diet" ever since her interview aired, the actress wanted to clear the air, and for the same reason, she took it to her Instagram by answering questions.

Which many didn't regard as a perfect fit and said she shouldn't be talking about such things. Here is the backlash comment that Gwyneth Paltrow received:

McCain slammed Paltrow by calling her "haggard" in a Daily Mail editorial on Friday, asserting that she appeared "far older than 50" during the interview on Monday.

Bethenny Frankel said that Paltrow's remarks encourage disordered eating. whose audience consists of "middle-aged moms”.

Here is how the "Shakespeare in Love" actress replied back to those who misunderstood her diet:

The Academy Award winner made it clear that she doesn't consume those food items "all day, every day."

Paltrow asserted, "I eat entire meals. I eat considerably more than bone broth and vegetables. I also have days where I eat anything I want, including French fries”.

Paltrow continued by further mentioning that "my baseline has been to try to eat well and try to consume items that actually go well with the system.

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