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Melanoma Warning Signs: What to Look Out For

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Melanoma © Provided by Getty Images Melanoma


A type of skin cancer which develops from the cells (melanocytes) that control pigment of the skin.


If you or someone you know is exhibiting symptoms of a Melanoma, seek medical attention immediately

The symptoms include:

  • The earliest symptom is typically a change in an existing mole or a new mole arising
  • The development of a new pigmented or unusuallooking growth on your skin

The below mentioned strategies helps discriminate the melanoma from other skin cancers. The ABCDE’s of melanoma helps identify the disease condition

  • Asymmetry: The mole may not be uniform, one half looks different from the other half
  • Border irregularity: The moles may be uneven or notched
  • Color: The moles may be of different colors and irregular patterns
  • Diameter: The mole may be bigger in size, at least a 6mm size
  • Evolving: The mole may be changing colors, size and texture and might also bleed
  • Evolving: The mole may be changing colours, size and texture and might also bleed

Common treatment options

How is this diagnosed?


  • Melanoma is caused due to problem in the melanocytes, the pigment producing cells. The exact cause is unknown but environmental and genetic factors play a role.

- Risk factors include:

  • Exposure to UV (ultraviolet) radiation
  • Gene mutation
  • Fair skin
  • Family history increases the risk
  • Weakened immune system

Questions to ask your doctor

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For informational purposes only. Consult a medical professional for advice. Source: Focus Medica.

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