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8 Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster

Her Zindagi logo Her Zindagi 01-10-2022 Bhavishya Bir

When it comes to hair growth, whether male or female, there are multiple questions that swirl in our minds, such as - can I grow my hair naturally? Can any product or treatment boost hair growth? Are there any other ways available to help grow my hair faster? If you are one of those people who are still confused about hair growth, then follow these tips shared by Pooja Singh - National Creative Director – Hair, Lakmé Salon.

Factors Affecting Hair Growth

There is a long list of factors that affect your hair growth, including:

  • Excessive stress
  • Changes in hormones
  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Lack of nutrition in diet
  • Certain medication
  • Inadequate sleeping
  • Using harmful shampoos or hair care products

Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

Regular Oil Massage

oil massage © Provided by Her Zindagi oil massage

A healthy scalp is the most important aspect of hair growth and you can maintain this with oil massages. A regular oil massage increases blood circulation, relieves stress, and moistures your hair follicles, improving hair growth. You should use coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil to massage your scalp and do it at least twice a week. Lakmé Salon offers a range of rejuvenating head massages such as the Morocconoil Head Massage, enriched with Vitamin E, Argan oil full of fatty acids, like oleic acid and linoleic acid, provides a fatty layer to your hair and scalp that helps prevent dryness, reduces frizz and boosts shine, and the Lush Organic Head Massage, which is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Omega-6, Omega-9, antioxidants and amino acids, and helps promote the stimulation of collagen, allowing your scalp to remain healthy, while tightening and strengthening the pores and follicles on your hair.

Sleep Well

Proper sleep plays an important role in our body, including hair growth. It would help if you sleep for at least six hours, during which your body repairs follicles and other tissues, leading to hair growth.

Shampoo And Wash Your Hair

shampoo hair growth © Provided by Her Zindagi shampoo hair growth

The prevalence of dirt on your scalp also prevents hair growth, but you can combat this regularly using a shampoo that is suited to your hair texture. Massage your scalp well while shampooing as this also helps increase blood circulation and oxygen to your hair roots. Don’t hurt your hair if it easily breaks – be gentle. It is enough to wash your hair two or three times a week, because washing your hair daily removes the natural moisture and some important protein from the scalp.

Take A Healthy & Proper Diet

Hair is made of protein, so make sure you focus on your diet as well. You can add protein-rich food, vitamins like A, B, & E, omega-3 fatty acids, and biotin to your daily food from varied sources like fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and flax seeds to improve your hair growth.

Trim Split Ends Regularly

trim split ends © Provided by Her Zindagi trim split ends

What do you think about the trimming of hair? A proper haircut? Actually, micro hair trimming is also important where the split of hair that is causing breakage will be removed. So make sure you visit your hair expert at Lakmé Salon every month or eight weeks to improve hair growth.

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Go With Professional Treatments

There are many professional treatments available that help to encourage hair growth, and Tressplex Deep Root Treatment at Lakmé Salon is one of them. It is one of the safest and best treatments to improve your hair growth naturally. The active ingredients of this treatment are completely natural and vegan without any side effects. The plant-based oil and plant-based protein improve the cell process and strengthen the hair roots that help reduce hair fall. The results of this treatment are quick and long-lasting.

Comb Your Hair Before Sleeping

Combing and detangling your hair before sleeping helps to increase the blood flow to your hair roots, which improves hair growth. Use a wide-toothed wooden comb to reduce breakage.

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Perform Yoga And Other Physical Activities

yoga for hair growth © Provided by Her Zindagi yoga for hair growth

Make sure to add light exercise, meditation, yoga, and other activities to your daily routine, as they help increase blood flow and transfer oxygen to your hair roots. Regular exercise also reduces stress levels and improves the immune system, which also boosts hair growth.

Remember, that your best bet is to first visit your favourite Lakmé Salon to get a thorough consultation on your hair type, texture and concerns. Your hair expert will be able to recommend the products and treatments best suited to your hair and lifestyle.

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