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Preserve your summer skin with a proper cleanse

Cover Media logo Cover Media 04-07-2019

There’s no better feeling than late nights out in the summer sun - but the benefits of soaking up vitamin D are often outweighed by the strain that extended periods outdoors puts on your skin.

UV rays, pollution and even SPF protection can be harsh on the skin if you don’t have a suitable skincare routine that defends cells against damage.

Cleansing your skin thoroughly is important all year round, and in the summer months a double cleanse will help keep skin in top condition.

Your first cleanse will wash away topical dirt, and the second will give skin a deeper cleanse, unclogging pores and leaving you looking and feeling fresher.

If you don’t cleanse properly, the signs of ageing will show up faster and more prominently than normal - and skin will look tired, dull and lifeless.


It’s fair to say that cleansing is as much of an important part of your daily routine as moisturising, so it's key that you’re using the right products and tools to maximise results.

For many years, wet wipes have been many people’s cleansing staple, but countless studies have proven they’re not as efficient or effective as proper cleansing agents - and they’re bad for the environment too.

If you do want to use a wipe as a pre-cleanse, NIVEA’s new Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes break down in 28 days, offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to the myriad offers on the market - as long as you don’t flush them, of course!

On to the proper cleanse, and the lotion you use doesn’t have to be expensive. Think about it - most of your cleansing lotion ends up down the sink, so spending a fortune is like throwing money away.

Generally speaking, cream and oil cleansers are most effective and kinder to skin - and yes, you can still use an oil cleanser if you have an oily complexion. In fact, most people with oily skin don’t moisturise enough, so a more nourishing cleanser may help maintain balance.

The Super Facialist Vit C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil is a rich, nourishing formula, that glides across the face, eliminating dirt while enhancing and evening out complexion. If you prefer a cream cleanser instead, the Caper Cream Cleanser from KALME is chemical and water-free, and contains a patented caper extract that reduces skin redness and sensitivity by 70 per cent.

Looking to take your cleansing routine to the next level? Cleansing tools are one of the most popular beauty buys on the market, and the effect they can have on your skincare routine is nothing short of impressive.

The PMD Clean is a smart cleansing tool, with four adjustable settings that tailor to your skin’s requirements and work to stimulate collagen production while washing away dirt and make-up. On the reverse, there’s a skin massage tool, that can be used with serums and moisturisers for a more luxurious application.

For a dual cleanse, the TIA from BeGlow comes with a similar cleansing head, along with an anti-ageing titanium plate, designed to target loose skin with its unique lifting and toning functions. While it comes with a heftier price tag, the cleansing head is replaceable - so it could save you money (and waste) in the long term.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to keep skin fresh is a regular intensive treatment - and that doesn’t have to be with an expensive facial. The I Mask from IMAGE Skincare is a 20-minute anti-pollution formula, which works away at impurities and nourishes skin, helping resist dehydration and imbalance.

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Alternatively, the Dr Levy Switzerland 3DEEP Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser can be used as a cleanser on wet skin, an exfoliant on dry skin, or if left on, works as a skin-renewing mask; making it the perfect product for the summer season, and a definite staple for your vacation travel bag!

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