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Air Signs: How Does The Air Element Influence Your Zodiac?

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© Astrocentre Air signs include Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and are reputed for their intelligence, analytical skills and perceptiveness. The ethereal Air signs are great to be around and really do have lots to offer. Air signs are great at solving problems and their solid advice and common sense means they are fantastic friends. Discover everything you need to know about the extremely intelligent Air element and how it impacts your personality and compatibility in love.

The Air element is loving, smart and are faultless when it comes to their communication skills. Air signs give off a natural kindness and are very skilled at giving advice and understanding other people’s problems. The Air element can blow hot and cold, discover what kind of influence it has on the Air signs zodiac. Read up on the zodiac elements to learn more about your personality.

  • What are the traits of an Air sign?
  • What is an Air sign personality?
  • The Air element and love
  • Air element compatibility

Gemini air sign

Gemini air sign
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Air element: What are the traits of an Air sign?

The Air element is associated with intellectual idealism, although because the Air signs form part of the most intelligent zodiac signs, they can at times give off the impression that they are haughty. Air signs are very smart, logical and practical in their thinking, everything they do is very thought through and precise.

Air signs are known for being detached and have trouble showing people their emotions. The Air element means that Gemini, Libra and Aquarius really appreciate their freedom and hate the feeling of being tied down to things. Although rather ironically, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can be very sensitive zodiac signs.

Air signs:
Best qualities:Intelligence and social skills.
Worst traits:Vain and fickle.
Compatibility:Air signs are most compatible with calm signs.
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What is an Air sign personality?

Discover how the Air element influences the personalities of these 3 zodiac signs. How does the Air element interact with each of the Air signs astrology?

Gemini personality

The Gemini personality is very big on communication and self-expression. The Air element increases Gemini’s perceptivity and helps them find the right words for every situation they find themselves in. the Air element is also responsible for Gemini’s double personality and unpredictability.

Libra personality

The Libra personality uses the Air element to express their feelings and emotions freely. Libra is naturally graceful and elegant and uses their natural talents to attract people. Social harmony and justice are important to the Libra zodiac sign and the Air element plays a big role in enacting these beliefs.

Aquarius personality

The Aquarius personality uses the Air sign to connect with people on a deeper basis. Without the influence of the Air element, Aquarius would have trouble getting to know people and connecting with them. The Air element also gives the penultimate zodiac sign their dreams and ambitions related to travelling.

Air element and love: An uphill challenge

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius all have the same problem in love; they struggle expressing their feelings, despite their good communication skills. When it come to love, these zodiac signs follow their head over their heart and never let passion cloud their judgement. The Air element means these star signs lack spontaneity and never give into their feelings. Committing to a relationship is also a huge challenge for the zodiac signs under Air because it involves taking risks and jumping into the unknown.

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Air signs compatibility: What is compatible with an Air sign?

Horoscope compatibility is very important when it comes to finding love. Discover who each of the Air signs is most compatible with in love.

Air signs compatibility:
Gemini compatibility:Gemini is the best match for Cancer.
Libra compatibility:Libra is most compatible with Capricorn.
Aquarius compatibility:Aquarius and Scorpio make a sweet couple!

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