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3 Uncomplicated ways to utilise space in your mini bedroom

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 02-12-2021 Musba Hashmi

All the people with small bedrooms would understand the feeling of passing by those cute accessories and décor items without taking one home. The constant urge to make a little more space in your already flooded room, often, leave you moving a few items here and there but to no avail.

So, what does one do? Give up on the dreams of buying yourself cute decors? Not really. Here are a few ways to utilise space in your bedroom and make room for more things of your choice.

Furniture with storage will come in handy

If you have a small room, it goes without saying that you should opt for furniture that provides storage. This will help you utilise all the space. Choose a bed with a box or drawers so that you can keep all the unseasonal clothes in there and your cupboards will stay sorted. A bedside table that has drawers will help you keep all the nighttime essentials in it without compromising on any extra space.

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Shelves on the walls will go a long way

Put a few shelves on the empty walls instead of stuffing them with wall hangings and paintings. Shelves will allow you space to keep your stuff and all the other décor items. This will look classy and will help you utilise all the extra space on the walls. Don’t go for huge shelves as they may look odd and will make the room cluttered. The ones with a wooden texture and small space may be just the option for your mini bedroom.

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Place organisers in your cupboards

Organisers help you space out things and also make room for more. They not only make your things easily accessible but are a good option for rooms that don’t boast of space. Hence, the next time you go shopping to fill up your cupboard with more clothes, don’t forget to buy organisers, too.

Storage towers

These are a great option to utilise space in your small bedroom. They won’t take up much space but will definitely allow you with some. From books to cosmetics, and from décor to other essentials, one can keep it all in these towers.

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