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5 Zodiac signs put on a tough exterior but are emotionally sensitive and soft from within

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 13-01-2021 Samarpita Yashaswini

People tend to protect themselves from getting hurt. They usually put on a mask and pretend to be tough and cold from the outside to avoid showing their vulnerable side. They thus, seem insensitive and indifferent. But from the inside, they are emotional, vulnerable and sensitive beings.


Such people come across as bitter, pessimistic and sarcastic. They do this to cover up their true feelings and only show their soft side to people they trust. Here are 5 such zodiac signs who might seem indifferent on the surface, but are real sweethearts from the inside.

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Aries-born people put on a facade of being uncaring, stubborn, rude and indifferent. But the reality is that they have a lot of emotions and they do get affected. Once you get to know them and they begin to trust you, that’s when you get to know that they are the most caring and nurturing beings.


Sure Leos have a dominating and boss girl exterior, who seems cold and distant, but from the inside, they are nothing but a big softie who is caring, sensitive and emotional. 

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Virgos are incredibly sensitive and can get hurt by someone’s cruel betrayal. They, therefore, create this tough exterior to keep such people at bay and to hide their true emotions and their vulnerable side.


Sagittarians act like they don’t care about anything in the world and hide their vulnerabilities by being sarcastic and rude. Once they trust you and begin to invest in the relationship, there is no one more caring and committed than a Sagittarian. 

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Capricorns pretend to not care and to be too busy to invest in people. The truth, however, is that they take time to open up to new people and get socially awkward in situations, this doesn’t mean that they do not want to form new connections and develop deeper bonds.

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