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Are ‘farm to face’ beauty products the next big thing in the world of skincare?

The Indian Express logo The Indian Express 12-08-2022 Simran Sharma

Lately, there has been an increased awareness about the need to take care of one's skin by following a dedicated skincare regime. From dark circles and pigmentation to sun damage — a good skincare routine can save you from it all. But with the market inundated with so many products, it is often confusing to choose what is best for your skin type.

In the quest to find the best, we came across ‘farm-to-face’ skincare products that, as the name suggests, are products that are grown, harvested and delivered to you without the use of any synthetic ingredients.

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Calling it a unique concept, Shubhika Jain, founder and CEO of RAS Luxury Oils said: “These products have been delivered right from the farms to be applied on your faces.

Nishika Chandhok, a 15-year-old skincare aficionado, got introduced to the concept through an Instagram post, and "instantly loved the idea of ‘no-artificial substances’ being added to the products that I apply on my face."

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She added that “the best part of these products is that one can see what all ingredients are being used, most of which are completely organic.” "These are not just good for our skin, but also for the environment as no harmful toxins are produced in their making."

Farm to face © Provided by The Indian Express Farm to face Farm-to-face beauty products release few toxins and waste (Source: Pixaby)

Explaining the process of making these products, Jain told that the first step includes growing ingredients on their own farms, which are then sent to research labs to take out the extracts in a manner that gives the product the highest efficacy. “You cannot just put an ingredient into the product. You have to make the ingredient non-irritating,” she said.

But, many people are still unaware of such products and often get confused between natural and organic. “Clear information about these products is lagging. I do makeup for so many clients almost every day. I really don’t see anyone asking for such products,” said Shikha Chellani, a makeup artist.

Agreeing with her, Jain said, “There is a lot of misconception. Most people want the product that is maybe the cheapest, or looks nice.” She, however, added that the cheapest products may not always be the best as they can be compromised in terms of their ingredients. She further explained that whether a product is organic or not depends on the way the farming is done. “If natural products are farmed in a way that synthetic pesticides and fertilisers are used, then they are not called organic,” she said, adding that synthetic fertiliser can lead to the biomagnification of toxins into the products.

Biomagnification is the accumulation of toxins in the body of an organism that amplifies with its transfer from one to another organism through the food chain. To counter that, ‘farm to face’ beauty products, use “gobar gas and dried leaves as manure and neem extracts with cow urine as pesticides.”

Natasha Tuli, CEO of Soulflower, another farm-to-face brand said, "Chemical products can cause irreversible damage to your skin whereas clean skincare products not only revive your skin but are more gentle, too." She also suggested that "the lack of transparency contributed more to people leaning towards organically and sustainably sourced ingredients and skincare."

Farm to face © Provided by The Indian Express Farm to face There is a lot of misconception as many people are not aware of the concept itself (Source: Pexels)

Throwing light on the drawbacks of such products Chellani said, “Makeup requires a high coverage and chemical base products do have it. They can flawlessly cover marks and spots. Farm-to-face beauty products may be a good choice for natural skincare but in such cases, artificial products are preferred.”

She agreed that these products might be a bit cheaper than synthetic ones and are suitable for the skin as they are chemical-free.

Dr Swati Mohan, a senior consultant, dermatology, Fortis Hospital said, “The goodness of organic products does hold great advantages for a skin regime based out of pure produce. In comparison to artificial products that are derived out of the secondary produce or by-product of certain components, organic products are good for a basic skincare regime.”

Farm to face © Provided by The Indian Express Farm to face One should carefully pick the products they use on their skin (Source: Pixaby)

She suggested that since every skin type is different, one should carefully pick the products they use on their skin. “Everyone cannot use all organic products. Good organic products, if not used as per the existing skin types, can go wrong. It can cause a reverse reaction than all the good benefits. Also, a patch test is always recommended before any product, be it organic or artificial,” she added.

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Agreeing, Jain listed some benefits of using ‘farm-to-face beauty' products. She told this outlet: “The product potency is better in such products because of their freshness aspect. If the product is well formulated, then the results can be seen faster.”

She also suggested that one can always check the ingredients before choosing any product, adding that this concept comes with transparency as it informs the users of the making and the ingredients as well. With no or fewer toxins generated, and being carbon positive, these products also ensure less or zero waste.

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