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Cardinal rules for a having graceful breakup with your lover

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Some people fall out of love just as quickly as they fell into it. But whether the flame of your relationship endured the test of time or was snuffed out all too quickly; everyone wants an easy and amicable breakup. Your main goal probably is to ensure minimum tears, maximum acceptance and a quick resolution of your mutual feelings. So, take a look at a few rules you must insist on if you want to have the healthiest breakup in history.

Rule 1. Don't break up over text, meet in person but not in Public

Very few reasons for ending a relationship justify a breakup over text message. Unless your partner has cheated or betrayed you horribly, you must do them the kindness of breaking up face to face. Let them have the opportunity to understand why you’re ending things and ask you all the what’s and why’s they need to. After all, they have been your lovers for a while and deserve that respect. Do it in person, but not in public. Breaking up with someone in a restaurant is cruel as they may cry and embarrass themselves.

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Rule 2. Let yourself feel angry, hurt or upset without blaming anyone

The best way to recover completely is to process all your emotions in a healthy manner. This can only happen if you do not pull your ex into your drama and process it quietly. Let yourself feel anger, guilt, pain or even disappointment at the end of your union, but do not blame your ex for the breakup. Instead, accept that it was not meant to be.

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Rule 3. Enforce a no contact rule for a couple of months

It is possible that one of the parties may be unhappy with the breakup and want to makeup. If you do not wish to get back together, respectfully ask them not to contact you for a couple of months. This will give them time to get over the need for constant contact and look at the situation objectively. Cut all calls and messages for a while so that you can live free of emotional stress.

You may later explore the opportunity of maintaining a friendship after you are both over each other.

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