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Coffee table décor ideas to spice up your living area

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 6 days ago Aastha Pahadia

You have at last discovered the ideal coffee table for your family or living area. All that's left to do is add the appropriate combination of decorative embellishments to make it stand out. Your living room can be much improved and changed by a coffee table. Unlike many other pieces of furniture in your living room, the decor of your coffee table can anchor the space and create a style statement.

Here, we bring you 4 stylish methods to arrange your coffee table for your living room in a way that will attract guests' attention.

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1. Showcase some fresh flowers

Coffee tables are a fantastic design element to add more depth, texture, and colour to your space. With a gorgeous floral arrangement and ceramic vases, you may add some colour and establish a focus point in your space. A floral arrangement on the coffee table is also too lovely to pass up for a space that uses floral textiles as focal pieces, such as throw pillows and curtains. As a pro tip, you can actually buy artificial flowers that seem natural and will work just as well, saving you time and money every time.

2. Balance it out

Create an eye-catching display by combining and contrasting different textures. Symmetry can help to accomplish this. Variate the scale of your display pieces, stack or group like objects together, and promote stability on your coffee table. The middle of the entire display is dominated by the objects. To balance the overall appearance, position the larger items on either side. This gives the space a clean, organised, and structured appearance.

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3. Make it storage

Another great option for a coffee table is one that stores floor cushions for extra seating. Put some emphasis on minimalism and consider decorating the area surrounding your coffee table's edges. Even coffee tables with large box storage are ideal for keeping remote controls off of the tabletop and decorative items. They foster cleanliness and conceal stray items so that your room seems tidy and well-organized and so that you have a better chance of finding things when you need them.

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4. Play with height

This can be achieved by layering objects of varying heights on the table, ranging from a tall, leafy plant to a tall, colourful base perched on a stack of books. You can't go wrong whether you stuff yours with branches or leave them empty or choose a mix of both! Additionally, you may keep things tasteful and neutral by decorating your coffee table with only black and white elements, which will elevate the height play.

If you're looking for some fancy coffee table decor, the ideas mentioned above are the things to consider.

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