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Everything about the fire sign Sagittarius: From personality traits to compatibility

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Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarians are carefree, straightforward and optimistic individuals. They are adventurous to the core and tend to always look on the bright side of things. They are brutally honest and can often unknowingly hurt people with their habit of being blunt. 

They are wanderers who want to explore the world out there and hate being confined or restricted. Some famous names belonging to this zodiac sign include Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Mark Ruffalo, Jay-Z and Katherine Heigel. 

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From compatibility to traits, here is everything about this zodiac sign.


The quintessential Sagittarian loves going on new adventures every day and wants to just be out and about gaining insights, learning things and having new experiences. 


Self-sufficient and independent are the best words to describe the personality of Sagittarians. They have a habit of doing everything on their own and it doesn’t even cross their mind to ask for help from someone else. From changing the bulb to sewing a button, they do it all on their own without making a noise about it.

Best personality trait

They are fun-loving and filled with curiosity. Be it the newly opened restaurant or the farthest corner of the city, they want to explore it all. Their fun streak is infectious and you are sure to have a blast with a Sagittarian around. 

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Worst personality trait:

Sagittarians have a pure heart and no pretence whatsoever. This can at times land them in trouble! They are blunt, harsh and straightforward and will never mince their words or sugarcoat them. While telling the truth, their goal is not to hurt you but to be completely honest with you.

Most compatible with

Just like Sagittarians, Leos too are blunt, straightforward and have a zeal for life. The fun-loving and adventurous Aquarius too is a good match for Sagittarians. Sagittarians can also gel with Aries-born people who are as independent and ambitious as them.

Least compatible with

Pisces-born people are quiet, subtle and soft which is a stark contrast to the extroverted and adventurous Sagittarius. Similarly, Geminis are curious in their approach but a little too laid-back and lacking in ambitiousness for Sagittarians.

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