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EXCLUSIVE: How to look after your pet if you are tested positive for COVID19? An expert opines

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We all agree that our pets are like our family and taking care of our family comes above all. If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it is to always be prepared because uncertainty can knock on our door at any time. Hence, we must be prepared and not panic at any point. Here are some expert tips from a vet to take care of your pet, in case you test COVID positive:

Stock up on pet supplies 

These supplies should last for a month at least

Pet food- wet and dry 

Pet emergency kit including all your pet’s medications 

Vitamins and supplements 

Cleaning supplies 

Pet toys 

Cat litter 

Pet sanitiser 

Pet’s crate 

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Keep your pet’s details handy 

Important documents like their vaccination chart and deworming papers, any current or past medicines’ or supplements’ that your pet is taking should be kept ready and available. It is also advisable to keep contact details of pet boardings, friends, family, vet and groomer where they are clearly visible.

Wear a mask 

Wear a mask around your pet at all times to reduce the risk of transmitting germs as the virus droplets can get stored on their coat.

Sanitise your hands regularly 

Wash your hands and cover your mouth before or after handling their food and water bowls. Clean their bowls regularly.

Limit contact and isolate them from other pets 

Avoid hugging, kissing and cuddling your pet. The germs can settle on your pet’s coat and increase the risk of spreading the infection. Isolate them from other pets as well during this period.

Assign a pet caretaker/guardian 

If you are infected, you will likely have to isolate yourself to take care of yourself and recover. You can assign a caretaker, family member or a guardian who can look after your pet in your absence. The caretaker must have all your pet’s documents- like their vaccination papers, their deworming papers, a list of your pet’s allergies and diet preferences. 

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Hire a dog walker 

Hire someone who can walk your dog for you. Follow all COVID-19 precautions when the dog walker visits your home. Sanitise your pet’s paws and coat with a pet sanitiser after every walk.

Pet boardings

If you cannot find a caretaker, check them in a pet boarding. A good tip is to ask the pet boarding to send a video of the premises for you to check out the facilities. Ask the pet boarding if they offer pick-up and drop-off services to minimise your movement and the spread of infection.

Train your dog to defecate at home

If you cannot find a caretaker or a dog boarding and have to keep your dog at home, you will have to train your dog to defecate in the house. So, get potty pads or trays that can help your pup/dog eliminate in the house. If that doesn’t work, keep newspapers around the house for your dog to use.

Opt for veterinary home service

Unfortunately, if your pet falls sick, opt for a video consultation with a veterinarian. If your pet needs a physical examination, look for vet services who will come home instead of you having to step out. 

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Remember that your pet’s mental health is important too. Being away from you can mentally distress your pet. The root cause of behavioural issues in senior dogs is often anxiety and may lead to cardiac complications, so make sure that you video call them regularly, leave them with clothes that smell like you and find ways to stay connected to them. Our pets thrive on human interactions and the period away from you should not take a toll on their health.

Keep taking care of yourself and your pet. Till we get adjusted to the new normal, let’s stay at home and stay safe!

About the author: Dr Dilip Sonune, Director – Veterinary Services,

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