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How planetary position is created in one's horoscope in the present life?

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Many people believe in astrology and at the same time, there are many people who do not believe in astrology. Whether you believe or not, planets do affect our life on daily basis. When we are born, our birth chart is created at that time. And planets are placed in our chart according to their position at that particular time. Our birth chart is divided into 12 parts which depicts various parts of our life like house, relationship, partnership, study, work, etc. These twelve parts are our twelve zodiac signs which are placed in our birth chart. So, Dr. Kajal Mugrai of Occult Scientist talks about the planetary positions in our life.

Zodiac signs and planets in birth chart

Everyone has different zodiac signs and planets placed in their birth chart depending on their time of birth. Our 7 planets rule these zodiac signs and decide their nature of work. The zodiac sign in lagna and planet ruling that zodiac sign decides nature of a person, how she or he will look, their personality and everything.  

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Affect of planets in our life

If Mars is well placed in a person's birth chart, then the person will be very energetic, active and his career can be in the field of defense, doctor, etc. But if the same Mars is placed badly then the person will turn out to be totally opposite. He or she will be energetic but those energies will be used wrongly in making a bad personality. The same way Jupiter when placed well, will give you wisdom, but the same when placed badly will give you spiritual arrogance.

In this way, each planet works differently in each of our life making us different personalities from others.

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