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Lost touch with your close friend? Here are 4 ways to reconnect with them

Pinkvilla logo Pinkvilla 10-12-2021 Musba Hashmi

We all have that one close friend whom we had lost touch with over years. The constant talks are now nothing but fading memories. And it won’t be wrong to say that we do miss them every once in a while.

If you, too, had a friend who is now nothing a but saved number in your contact list, here is how you can reconnect with them and rebuild a similar bond, if not better.

Pull out old pictures of you two

If you are worried about how to start a conversation, let your pictures do the talking. Pull out an old picture, or two, of you two together from your archives and share it with your friend. This will bring back all the memories and you won’t feel awkward to brew a conversation. If you want send a sweet message of how you found the picture and it reminded you of the good time that you have spent together. This will stir up more feelings and an emotional conversation will await you right after.

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Get on a call

While this may sound a bit awkward, but trust us this will feel right once you have the courage to do it. You two will be able to remember the bond and discuss all the crazy things you have done together. Share anecdotes, talk about how life has changed since you two parted ways, and what all you have done in life. The more you discuss each other’s life, the closer you will get.

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Catch up with each other

If you have been good friends for years, texting your friend and asking him or her to catch up with you shouldn’t hurt. Go for a quick coffee, or plan a visit to the mall and talk about everything under the sun. This will help you bond and relive all the sweet memories and even the bitter ones.

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Pay a surprise visit

If you know your friend’s house and are comfortable enough to drop by even after years of no contact, you shouldn’t waste any time. Drop by their place and surprise them. Don’t forget to take something that they absolutely love, this will make them feel extra special and they might even end up crying with joy. Spend some time together and see what has or hasn’t changed since you two stopped talking.

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