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Signs that it is time to walk away from a relationship: Expert offers insights

Hindustan Times logo Hindustan Times 17-08-2022 Tapatrisha Das, Delhi

In relationships, we often come to a point when we need to decide if we need to keep trying harder or let it go. One of the most difficult junctures of a relationship, it comes after a lot of pushing ourselves and putting in efforts. In her recent Instagram post, Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders wrote, “While in many areas of self-development we are encouraged to push through or try harder, sometimes the most practical and appropriate decision is to face an ending.” She further added that we often force ourselves to stay back owing to the heavy investment of time and energy that we have done on the relationship, but sometimes walking away may be the better option for ourselves.

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Emily further noted down the signs which should help us decide to terminate the relationship and walk away:

Health: Our bodies say a lot about the situations we are in and what we are facing. If our health suffers majorly due to the problems, we should take the decision of walking away.

Motivation: We often put others ahead of us. If the motivation to stay back in a relationship is to make someone else happy and not ourselves, it is not a healthy relationship.

Relief: We are often led into situations of worries and anxiety in unhealthy relationship. And, that’s why the thought of walking away may give us a sense of relief.

Efforts: The repeated efforts of making things work can go futile and you may need to start from scratch every time to put in more efforts. In such situations, it can affect the health adversely and staying back may not be a good option.

Resentment: Relationship brings a range of emotions, but resentment should not be one of them. In case anger and resentment are replacing admiration and love in the relationship, it is time to walk away.

Burnout: The feeling of burnout after a fight or an argument is not going even after taking proper rest and space – this is a sign to walk away from the relationship.

Unknown: We often stay back in relationships because the thought of the unknown scares us and we do not want to break free from the comfort zone.

Attempts: In spite of giving a lot of attempts and efforts in the relationship, it does not feel good to be in it.

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