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Take inspiration from these Netflix shows for your WFH office space

Lifestyle Asia logo Lifestyle Asia 17-08-2021 Nishtha Grover
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What does your WFH office look like? Take a few notes from these offices from Netflix shows on how to jazz up your workspace

Staying in and working from home has become the new normal. Most of us started with a makeshift office that included a table and a chair. As time passed, many of us are now graduating from keeping it simple to more stylish workspaces. Looking for some inspiration? These offices from Netflix shows are sure to give you some ideas. Adding something to your work area that matches your personality will make work from home more fun and give that office feeling. Comfortable chairs with back support, wooden tables that complement the rest of the furniture, abstract paintings and sculptures and chic table lamps are some other things you could keep in mind while decorating that part of the house where you spend the majority of your day.

If you are unable to decide what exactly you need to do with your WFH office, maybe some inspiration will be of help. These shows on Netflix exhibit some of the best office spaces and will cater to the needs of an aspiring fashion designer, an ambitious lawyer as well as a social media manager. Have a look.

Friends (1994–2004)

Let’s start this list with a fan favourite — Friends.

The 10-season-long series follows six pals as they have their set of ups and downs at work, love and life. Among the cast is Jennifer Anniston, essaying the character of former rich brat Rachel Green. She leaves her comfortable life behind to start afresh in Manhattan. After working as a waitress for some years, she starts working in Fashion and one of her jobs is at Ralph Lauren.

Through the many episodes, you will find that Green’s Ralph Lauren office has a blend of modern and antique furniture. While she uses a comfortable modern beige chair, the others in the room have an antique look and are placed on the opposite side of her table. There is also a comfy single seat in one corner of the office, which is usually covered with sample clothes.

Another takeaway from the decor for your WFH office is the use of flowers and plants that brings freshness to the otherwise dimly lit cabin. The huge clipboard behind her is used for an assortment of things she may need any time, including fabric and colour samples.

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The Bold Type (2017–2021)

Even though the series ended after season 5 this year, another workspace that we are getting inspired by is Jacqueline Carlyle’s (Melora Hardin) office in The Bold Type.

The show revolves around a global women’s magazine. Jacqueline, the chief editor, sits at one end of the office while the other end is made into a comfortable sitting area with a sofa and table. Moreover, the room is enclosed with mostly glass offering a view of the city’s skyline.

The furniture used is modern and far from ordinary. As you continue watching the show, you will spot Carlyle’s gold-toned chairs, a white table, neon signs and fresh flowers (always), among many other adornments. She also has a bookshelf in golden colour at the back, which contains personal photos and Instagramable trinkets. She even has a wardrobe in her office — and understandably so — that adds colour to the area.

But the one thing that stands out is the mix of abstract photographs hanging behind her on the greyish wall, adding character to the workspace and giving a glimpse into Jacqueline Carlyle’s personality.

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Dynasty (2017– )

Dynasty is a show about a rich family running big businesses. That is why we have not one but two offices to take décor notes for your WFH office from — Blake Carrington (Grant Show) and his daughter Fallon Carrington’s (Elizabeth Gillies) workplaces.

Blake has many offices but we are especially fond of the one at his home. The luxurious office at the Carrington estate is bigger than some homes. It has a fireplace and a chandelier. The regal wood table is clean and decorated with only a few contrasting but small showpieces and a subdued, bronzish table lamp.

Let’s discuss the seating area. You will find a few single-seater sofas in shades of chocolate brown and beige leather in his WFH office. Adding to the vastness of the room, an entire wall has been turned into a bookshelf. The tip here is that a bookcase always looks good in an office and adds a certain charm.

Finally, a large black leather comfy chair is all that is required to complete the look of majesty. For all of you working from home, remember to choose a chair which helps you sit through long working hours.

As for Fallon’s office, this space also has a strong vibe of the powerplay that juxtaposes the character. This work area has large windows with natural light pouring in. There is also comfortable modern furniture to keep her snug during those long meetings.

To add some more pizzazz to the space, she has a bar cart in the room which is quite common in on-screen office spaces of strong characters such as Harvey Specter in Suits and Don Draper in Mad Men. Also, if you focus, you will notice a Nataraja idol placed on her window sill right behind the chair. Nataraja is a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva and if anything, this idol is another portrayal of power in this case.

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Emily In Paris (2020– )

Minimalism is one of the hottest trends these days and Emily’s Paris office is the apt inspiration for anyone who believes ‘less is more’.

This fashion-forward show on Netflix revolves around Emily Copper (Lily Collins) who moves to Paris for a job. The American social media manager’s office space is minimalistic with a splash of colour.

Cooper is often seen sitting behind a wooden desk that has a calendar, a couple of pen holders, a quirky yet not too bright table lamp, her laptop and a floral water bottle. However, it is the geometrical artwork with subtle tones of pink on a beige background behind her that gives the space a chic finish.

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Halston (2021)

The miniseries traces the rise and fall of American fashion designer Halston (Ewan McGregor). Now if you want to jazz up your WFH office space like a fashion designer, your choice should be Halston’s office.

It consists of a wall-to-wall red carpet accompanied by wooden chairs and sofas draped in a same-coloured fabric — and the phone is red too. The office, with the skyline view of New York City, has a large sitting area which he uses to host fashion shows for his close friends.

Adding to the designer’s style are the boards on the side which showcase several sketches of apparel by Halston. The presence of fresh white Orchids on his table gives a sense of calmness amid the powerful red surrounding.

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Suits (2011–2019)

The series follows hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), who works at one of the biggest law firms in New York City where he is an indispensable resource.

The man of his stature obviously gets one of the best offices in the building. A spacious corner office enclosed with glass walls overlooking the city’s skyline implies what Harvey’s cabin is all about.

The dark furniture, including the tables and chairs, and the mini bike table stand model also makes a style statement.

What further illustrates his clientele is the collection of basketballs, signed by athletes, put on display in his office. Other things to notice as you continue watching include the grand collection of vinyl records and the painting of Harvey with his mother that complement the modern furniture.

Furthermore, there are no drawers in his office which give a clean finish to the plush look of the workspace.

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How To Get Away With Murder (2014–2020)

This one belongs to an ambitious criminal lawyer. The series revolves around Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her five students as they find themselves in the middle of a murder case.

Keating’s office has a basic colour contrast scheme but gives a powerful vibe at the same time. Her glass table and silver chair create a no-nonsense ambience, ensuring that people don’t get too comfortable and everything is dealt with professionally. Even the abstract art in the background has a weighty effect on the visitor. There is nothing personal placed in the office or for that matter anything else that can work as a distraction.

However, the tones of blue and green balance the rawness of the light-coloured surroundings. If you do not wish to play with too many colours, opt for such décor and place a stylish floor lamp in the corner or go for a steel-finish table lamp for the desk to make it stylish.

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