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Snake Gets Crane By Its Wing, Its Retaliation Will Startle You. Watch logo 19-03-2023 ( News Desk)
The snake pierced its fangs into the crane’s wing and held it with a vice-like grip. © Tahir Qureshi The snake pierced its fangs into the crane’s wing and held it with a vice-like grip.

Viral Video: Social media is a place where the most unexpected things happen anytime and put anything in vogue, trend, or viral. It doesn't matter if it is about any random wedding of total strangers or about some exceptional talent. Sometimes it is the most unusual happenings of the wildlife or baby videos.

Right now, it is about wildlife and it includes a snake. The snake has got a crane by its wing inside a pond and it is a struggle, rather a fight to survive for the crane. The snake pierced its fangs into the crane's wing and held it with a vice-like grip. The bird has no choice but to attack the reptile with its beak.


A post shared by Osman Uipon (@osmanuipon)

A post shared by Osman Uipon (@osmanuipon)

As we said it is always a fight for survival, whether in the jungle or in the metropolitan.

The video has received comments. Sharing a few with you.

Tullison, "For all the people that say kill the snake or throw something at the snake. Do you understand there's a whole other world in the wild? This is nature this is what happens naturally in the wild. There's predators and there's prey. The snake was just trying to eat or should it just starve to death. Understand, this has been going on since before humans walked the earth. Predators keep prey animals in check otherwise the whole ecosystem would be devastated. Do you guys watch nature programs or wild kingdom???"

Rauldoes, "People be like "save the bird" what's for dinner? KFC? Ok perfect!"

freddi_fresh, "Everyone wants to save the bird but 90% of you can't switch to vegan nuggets to safe billions of chicken every year :D"

egberthislop, "I really want to see videos of people ( the ones who insist on letting nature take it's course) being eaten by wild animals! 😀😀😀"

hughdatis, "Was that snake venomous? Looked like the bird was feelin that bite"

juan_carcali, "Can't you put the camera aside and help the heron?"

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