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How AI based Image Compression tool developed by Himalaya Saxena is Helping Millions of Website Owners

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If you are planning to start a website, you must have come across the term image optimization or compression. The same has changed the face of website development in the later years. Himalaya Saxena, the brain behind Highcompress, analyzed the market demand and introduced India's first unique saas that compresses images by 95% while minorly hampering the quality of images. His efforts have helped many entrepreneurs who own websites and brought a heavy change in garnering profits.

As the web world is radically improving, rich media like images are becoming more important for websites. Due to the abundant usage of images, the website gets heavier. Fortunately, image compression tools were developed, resulting in reducing the loading time of the page.

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On an average website, 75% of the load is due to the images. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the size of the images. Also, the research has suggested the users tend to bounce back on the search engine if the website takes more than four seconds to load. Since 2010, Google has started including the speed of loading pages as their ranking standard. In the upcoming page experience update, page loading speed will be among the top priorities.

Himalaya Saxena developed in 2017. He started working professionally as a developer in 2010. Gradually, he learned about saas and honed his skills to develop something that could help the fellow developers while architecture-ing websites. Professional Developer Himalaya Saxena visioned the demand for optimized images years ago. compresses images by 95 per cent resulting in substantially decreasing the load on the website. Highcompress is a unique kind of SAAS developed for the first time in India that uses artificial intelligence to compress images.

While image compression tools garner huge accolades, some still think that the image quality hampers. The AI-powered image compression websites don't alter the image quality much. However, there is a minor compromise in quality with every compression. Himalaya Saxena's AI-based image optimizer was developed with the objective of least hampering the image quality. The users of the same are majorly satisfied with the result.

Himalaya Saxena developed and has benefited many websites. After compressing, the website began to load a lot quicker. People have reported that Highcompress has helped in decreasing the bounce rate of visitors on the website. Apparently, it has multiplied the visitors resulting in huge profit. It is already exhausting for SEOs to draw traffic to the website. If the loading period is bouncing the visitors back, then the finest SEO wouldn't be of any help. Even google doesn't rank the websites with high bouncing rates.

Image optimization has simplified the lives of website owners. They can create faster backups with small sizes by using less bandwidth and occupying less space. In addition, all those who host their websites will have enough resources on their servers. All these benefits also indicate that a cheap web hosting plan would suffice your demand.

When Himalaya Saxena developed, he didn't know that it would be such a huge hit. However, within a year of developing the website, WordPress approved the Highcompress plugin. Therefore, if you use WordPress, you can download Highcompress and let the plugin do the rest of the job. Apparently, it would eradicate the usage of the middleman. Currently Highcoimpress is having highest rating on Wordpress in image compression segment. Highcompress now serves more than 100K users monthly to optimise their images and their website to increase seo score and optimize page load time.

Using a strategy or tool that could spike the user experience is highly recommended by the developer gurus. Being a developer himself, Himalaya Saxena understands that user experience can change the face of any website. Therefore, he came up with the idea of Highcompress. It has improved the website's user experience; alongside, it also has open doors for prospective future website owners.

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