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How to block YouTube ads on Android and computer

India Today logo India Today 11-01-2022 Ankita Garg

There are many people who listen to music on YouTube and not just through popular streaming apps like Spotify. Now, those who use YouTube for watching music videos or other content, know that the platform now displays ads more than ever. While it is crucial for the company to run ads to generate some revenue, it gets a little annoying when you get 4-5 ads in (popular) lengthy videos. Thankfully, YouTube still displays only one or two ads on most videos. It is still annoying for many, especially when you don't get the skip button. So, we will take a look at different methods that you can try to block ads on YouTube.

YouTube: How to block ads on Android

Method 1: You can simply download a third-party ad blocker app on your Android smartphone. Just go to Play Store and install the "Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser" app. While you can choose to download any other app, we tried this service as it was pretty effective. It is basically a browser, which helps block most of the ads on any site you visit using it.

All you need to do is use it for YouTube. Before you start using it, the app asks you which search engine you would to use and you can select Google if you don't want to try any other service. Then type YouTube on the search bar and start using YouTube without any ads. You won't be required to sign in to your account, which is a good thing for privacy-conscious users.

What about data collection and privacy? Well, the app doesn't ask for any permission, but it does collect some data, which the company says is to provide better services.

The app's privacy policy says that it offers "features and services through cloud service interfaces, such as news, weather, search history, bookmarks sync, notifications, and product updates." So, to "ensure the operation of cloud services," it collects some necessary data, including your product package name, product version, product installation time, country code, system language, and system time zone, screen resolution and other devices Information.

The policy says that the service may collect your IP address to help diagnose problems with their servers and to administer websites.

"We use IP addresses solely for this purpose and keep website access logs for up to six months." It even keeps a record of what you have downloaded from websites, sites with user-disabled ad-blocking, and your browser settings. The policy clearly states that it may share data with third-party services under certain circumstances, but only with your consent.

The app has already been downloaded by millions of users on Play Store. And privacy-conscious users can just use this app for YouTube without logging into their Google account. Also, make sure that you don't give any permission to this app on your Android phone.

Don't want to download a third-party app? Try this

If you don't want to trust a third-party app and don't want to use any other service to watch ad-free videos on YouTube, then you can do that too. But, there is a catch.

Method 2: Buy YouTube Premium. Yes, this will cost you some money, but will also give you a great experience and additional benefits. The cost of YouTube Premium is Rs 129 per month in India. The subscription offers you ad-free content on YouTube as well as the background play feature. The latter basically means that you will be able to watch videos even after closing the YouTube or using other apps or when the screen is locked. This is called Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, which is not available for free users. You can also download the YouTube Music app and listen to songs without interruptions. This way, you won't be required to pay extra for other music streaming apps. The app shows songs in both audio and video format with lyrics. One will also notice a download option for offline viewing.

YouTube: How to remove ads on PC for free

Those who watch YouTube on a PC or laptop won't have to buy YouTube Premium and can simply install the adblocker extension for Chrome. Once this is added to Chrome, you can enjoy YouTube videos with zero ads.

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