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Strange 80-feet Long Object Found Buried in Sand at Florida Beach

News18 07-12-2022 Buzz Staff
Strange 80-feet Long Object Found Buried in Sand at Florida Beach © Provided by News18 Strange 80-feet Long Object Found Buried in Sand at Florida Beach

While it is common for aquatic animals to wash up at the shore, in a rare turn of events, erosion has exposed something unknown at a beach in Florida. According to WESH, the strange object that has been found buried in the sand appears to be in a shape of an old boat. But it is likely that the object could be any other thing. Said to be approximately 80 feet long, the wooden and metal object was exposed due to back-to-back storms caused by Hurricanes Nicole and Ian back in September and October. Reportedly, the storms resulted in the destruction of natural dunes and seawalls that swept away layers of sand.

As soon as the strange object was unearthed, the incident was reported to the state’s underwater archeological team. The portal suggests that the department is now assessing the object. In a recent interaction, the Deputy Chief of Volusia County Beach Safety, Tammy Malphurs, told WESH, that the authorities are not yet sure what the debris exactly is. “We’re not sure what it is, but it’s a large piece of debris probably about 80 to 100 feet in length,” said she.

It was the bystanders and the area resident who first noticed the debris, while some estimated it could be a shipwreck, many also assume it can be a pier that went down in the past storms. However, the authorities predict that the strange object had been buried in the sand for decades. “We have never seen it exposed before in that area, so this is the first time in at least 25 years that I know of it being exposed,” added the Deputy Chief.

A team of state officials is scheduled to visit the beach soon to investigate the matter and share their expert opinion on the unknown and unidentified debris. This hasn’t been the first incident when a mysterious object has been unearthed due to unusual erosion. Back in August, a ship’s anchor was unearthed at Flagler Beach in Florida. Reportedly, it was estimated that the anchor could have been made back in the 1800s.

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