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Third Of All Apps On iOS and Android Will Be Removed Soon: Are Your Fav Apps Safe?

Indiatimes logo Indiatimes 4 days ago Bharat Sharma
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If one of your favourite apps on the Google Play Store or the App Store on iOS haven't been updated in a while, it could mean their demise in the near future. Currently, Google and Apple are in the process of purging apps from Android and iOS respectively that haven't been updated

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What are abandoned apps? 

Both Google and Apple have revealed plans to remove apps that haven't been updated in two years. On Google's Android OS, there are about 869,000 such apps. For Apple's App Store, the number stands at 650,000. According to Android Authority, the number of available apps could drop by nearly a third on Android.

According to CNET, Google is planning to hide all those apps. What does this mean? Users would no longer be able to see or download these apps onto their devices once Google's mechanism kicks in.

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Google, and even Apple, is taking these measures in order to protect the security of users. One of the primary concerns is that outdated apps don't make use of the new privacy changes and updates on both Android and iOS that give more power to users with regards to customisation of privacy settings.

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Owing to this, many older apps may have security flaws. Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. Many developers feel that by purging apps that haven't been updated, Google and Apple are just piling more work for developers. In many instances, especially for games, regular updates may not be required to maintain the product's quality. Think of a simple game like Flappy Bird - more often than not, such apps do not require updates.

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Regardless, choosing user security is always a step in the right direction. By forcing developers to comply with security updates, both Google and Apple are giving more power to their users.

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If you use any apps or games that haven't been updated in two years, you might want to drop a mail to the developer (which can be found on the app's description in Google Play Store and App Store) to do it in case they still haven't.

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What do you think about this move by Google and Apple? Let us know in the comments below. For more in the world of technology and science, keep reading


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