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WhatsApp account theft while you SLEEP! Beware, this is how they steal it

Hindustan Times logo Hindustan Times 28-01-2023 HT Tech

Hackers love to exploit loopholes and once they get to know of one, there's no stopping until the developer fixes it. WhatsApp is regarded as one of the most secure texting platforms courtesy of its two-factor authentication. However, have 2FA doesn't mean nobody can get into your WhatsApp account and hack it. Despite applying passcode locks and biometric verification, hackers have found a new way to steal your WhatsApp account and all this happens while you are asleep.

Yes, hackers aren't leaving your WhatsApp accounts alone while you are asleep. Based on a detailed Twitter thread from mobile and security researcher Zuk from ZecOps, there is an easy way to simply hack someone's WhatsApp account if the person isn't observing. ?This is how it works: You're sleeping. A "hacker" tries to login to your account via WhatsApp. You get a text message with a pincode that says "Do not share this". You don't share it, yet you still get hacked. How??

WhatsApp account gets hacked while you sleep

The process in which this is done is very easy. The hacker simply tries to login to your WhatsApp account by putting in your phone number. Although you get the code to login, the hacker taps on the ?SMS didn't arrive' option and chooses to get the verification code by your phone number. Since you are sleeping, you don't pick up the call and the verification call goes to voicemail.

This is where the hacker exploits a simple loophole. Most voicemail pincode numbers are the last 4-digits of your cellphone number, which the hackers use to get access to your voicemail call and access the verification code. After this, they have got access to your account.

Once they login, they simply set up a 2FA pincode on your WhatsApp account top prevent you from logging in. Thus, your account is stolen, Even if you try to get the account recovered, it will be several days before you gain access and by that time, the hacker has simply stolen money from your contacts or spread malware.

How to avoid this?

There is one simple way to avoid such kind of infiltration ? use the two-factor authentication. The 2FA is a big step in ensuring top-level security for your WhatsApp account. With this in place, every false login attempt need to be authenticated by you in person. This prevents such kind of attacks.

Additionally, you need to change your voicemail pincode to a personal one to avoid such hack attempts.


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