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New Dinosaur Discovered By Retired Doctor In The UK

A new dinosaur has been identified by scientists in the UK. The new species, named Brighstoneus Simmondsi, has an unusually large nose. It was originally discovered by retired General Practitioner Dr. Jeremy Lockwood, who was determined to prove that the two most common dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight - known as the 'Cattle of the Cretaceous' - were not alone. He embarked on the arduous task of going through every single Iguanodon bone ever discovered on the island in the collections at the Natural History Museum in London and dinosaur Isle Museum of the Isle of Wight and found a remarkable nasal bone like no other. “This discovery made it one of the happiest days of Lockdown because it was a sign there really was something different about this particular dinosaur from the Isle of Wight' says Jeremy. The bulbous nose could have been used as a sexual signal to attract females or as a warning to scare away male opponents. The new species was originally excavated in 1978 but was found alongside a Theropod Dinosaur Neovenator Salerii which at the time was the most spectacular meat-eating dinosaur found in Britain. The new paper is published in the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology.
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